The Crucible Act I Test English 11 Part 1: Vocabulary Directions: Fill

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The Crucible
Act I Test
English 11
Part 1: Vocabulary
Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary word.
Word bank:
1. I decided to become an English teacher because I had a _______________
for English.
2. Many of those accused of being witches were victims of _______________.
3. Lindsay’s _______________ behavior lead to a public scandal.
4. Abigail was _______________ because when she was around her uncle and
other members of the church, she hid her true motives.
5. She was an _______________ party host because she always complimented
her guests when they arrived.
6. I memorized the Preamble to the Constitution through repeated
7. When Lisa was sunburned last summer, she used Aloe vera as
_______________ for the pain.
Part 2: Multiple Choice
Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank beside the question.
_____ 8. The events of the Salem witch trials began in which year?
a. 1492
c. 1792
b. 1692
d. 1892
_____ 9. Who wrote The Crucible?
a. Arthur Ashe
b. Arthur Miller
c. Arthur Parris
d. Heath Miller
_____10. What is Parris doing at the opening of Act I?
a. Reading
b. Kneeling and Praying
c. Preaching
d. Pacing the floor
_____ 11. What is Reverend Parris most concerned about?
e. Helping Betty get well
f. His best friend, Proctor
g. His own reputation
h. His church
______12. Why did Parris send for Reverend Hale?
a. Hale is an expert on witchcraft
b. They were roommates at Harvard
c. Hale is an expert on comas
d. Hale is an expert on nosey people
_____13. Who is the slave accused of being the ringleader of the incident in the
a. Abigail
b. Mercy Lewis
c. Mary Warren
d. Tituba
_____14. What happens to Betty when she hears the singing from downstairs?
a. She sings along
b. She sits up and screams
c. She flies
d. She dances
_____15. Why does John Proctor consider himself a fraud?
a. He had an affair with Abigail
b. He doesn’t go to church every week
c. He doesn’t get along with the minister
d. He stole wood from Putnam’s land
_____16. Who is the woman who was well-known for charity?
a. Abigail
b. Rebecca Nurse
c. Mrs. Putnam
d. Mercy Lewis
_____17. What is Rebecca Nurse’s effect on Betty?
a. She makes her scream
b. She calms her down
c. She makes her angry
d. She makes her cry
_____18. Which family lost several children before they were baptized?
a. Giles
c. Putnam
b. Parris
d. Nurse
_____19. What was Abigail’s prior relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Proctor?
a. She works for them and is like their own daughter
b. She hates both of the Proctors
c. She was their servant until she was fired by Goody Proctor
d. She worked for them until she got a new job working for Reverend
_____20. Abigail drank a blood charm because
a. She was curious about witchcraft
b. She was insane
c. She wanted Goody Proctor to die
d. Mary Warren told her to
_____21. What do the girls say when Parris says he saw movement in the soup?
a. They tell him he is mistaken
b. They tell him that a frog was the only meat they could find
c. They tell him that the frog jumped in
d. They tell him that the frog was important to the spell
_____22. Why is Parris so quick to dismiss the possibility that Betty may have
been involved in witchcraft?
a. It would ruin his reputation.
b. He knows that she wouldn’t do that.
c. He doesn’t believe in witches.
d. He thinks she is really sick.
_____23. Tituba confesses to witchcraft because
a. She really was a witch
b. Because Putnam tells her that if she does not confess, she will be
c. Because the Devil takes over her body and makes her confess
d. She was trying to cause trouble in Salem
_____24. Abigail confesses to witchcraft because
a. She wants to be the center of attention
b. She really wants to repent
c. Because the Devil takes over her body and makes her confess
d. Because her best friend, Mercy Lewis, also confessed
_____26. Tituba and Abigail name several townswomen as witches because
a. They want to be safe from accusations of using witchcraft
b. They are both possessed by the Devil, who made them do it
c. They were trying to cause trouble in Salem
d. All of those women really were practicing witchcraft
Part 3: Reading
Directions: Read the following excerpt from Act I and answer the multiple-choice
Tituba, already taking a step backward: My Betty not goin’ die . . .
Parris: Out of here!
Tituba, backing to the door: My Betty not goin’ die . . .
Parris, scrambling to his feet in a fury: Out of my sight!
_____27. The italicized words in lines 1, 2, and 4 are referred to as what literary
a. Dialogue
b. Stage directions
c. Dramatic exposition
d. Allusion
_____28. The purpose of these italicized words is to . . .
a. Provide information to the actors about how to act out the scene.
b. Indicate what the actors should say.
c. Make the reader pay attention to the characters.
d. Directly tell the reader about the characters’ personalities.