The Crucible

The Crucible
Act I
Reverend Parris’ House Spring
His daughter, Betty, is lying on the
bed and is not moving.
Puritans live a strict, difficult life
and are a fearful people.
The doctor can’t find a reason for
why Betty is sick. Parris has sent
for Rev. Hale.
Abigail admits to dancing in the
woods – she says it was just for
sport (fun).
Concerned for his own reputation,
Parris questions Abigail about her
reputation. She was kicked out of
the Proctors’ house 7 months ago
and no one has hired her since.
My name is good! Goody Proctor is a
liar and I won’t be a slave!
Mr. and Mrs. Putnam’s daughter,
Ruth, is sick too. Rumors of
witchcraft and of Betty flying
around town are already spreading
Mr. Putnam is greedy, self centered
and just really not a nice guy!
Mr. and Mrs. Putnam sent Ruth to
conjure the spirits of their seven
dead babies.
When the girls are left alone, Betty
“wakes up” crying for her mother,
and reveals there was more than
just dancing in the woods.
Abigail threatens the girls to keep
We danced that’s it! If any of you say
otherwise I’ll make you suffer!!!!!!!!!!
John Proctor enters. He is a
strong, good looking, and confident
man. We are told he suffers from a
guilty conscience, but not why.
Abigail is flirting with John
At first he is flattered, but soon
gets angry
We learn that Abigail and John had
an affair
Abigail is still in love with John, but John wishes
it never happened and is somewhat harsh to
Abigail. Abigail also admits to John that there
was no witchcraft going on – the girls were just
having some fun.
Betty starts crying and the adults rush back into
the room. Rebecca Nurse enters. We are told she
and her husband were highly respected in the
community. However, they had some issues with
the Putnams which would eventually lead to the
charges against Rebecca. Rebecca believes Betty
is just going through a “silly season”. Mrs. Putnam
shows her jealousy of Rebecca by bringing up the
deaths of her children again.
The adults argue
• Parris complains about his salary
• Parris calls John Proctor out for missing church
• Proctor brings up Parris asking for the deed to
the meeting house
• Proctor expresses his frustrations about the type
of preaching Parris does – always about hell and
damnation. Proctor says if there is a group
against Parris he wants to join it.
• Proctor, Putnam, and Corey leave arguing about
Enter Reverend Hale – the expert
on witchcraft.
Rev. Hale
• He is excited to be in
Salem and able to
use his experience
and education
• People believe in the
Devil today and
throughout history
• Religion as a political
Reverend Hale meets the
people of Salem
• Told the girls are sick
• Giles Corey tells Hale that his wife reads
• Hale questions Abigail using loaded
• Abigail blames Tituba
• Hale questions Tituba again using loaded
• Tituba fears for her life so she confesses
• Abigail doesn’t want Tituba to get all of the
attention so she joins in the accusing and
Betty follows suit