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Ms. J. Ronay, PLTW. 8th Pre-Engineering Technology
It is not too early to think about the world of work. Over 20,000
different job titles exist in the U.S. today, and by the time you
join the work force, that number will have increased
exponentially. Many of the jobs you will be applying for have
not even been created!
Engineering offers more career options than any other discipline. It is a profession that can take you
from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space; from within the microscopic structures
of the human cell to the top of the tallest skyscrapers. Cell phones, cameras, DVD’s, mobile apps,
and facial recognition devices like the one used on Facebook & in the military, are created and
implemented by engineers. Engineers are problem solvers who search for exciting, quicker, better
and less expensive ways to use the forces and materials of nature to meet our needs, our wants and
our challenges to make our world a better place.
Engineering students have their pick of many fields. From aeronautics to transportation; from
biomedical to nuclear; from audio to oceans; even sports have engineers! Every discipline will lead to
an exciting and rewarding career.
Equipment: Gateway to Engineering book, pgs. 20-25, computer with internet
access, Engineering Notebook, Microsoft PowerPoint®
Procedure: Go to http://egfi-k12.org/ Save in favorites… Shuffle through the
“cards” and click on the green+ to read information. Click on the red+ to exit
1. In your Engineer’s Notebook, write four facts about any ten engineering careers listed.
For example:
Aerospace Engineers
Work in: airline, automobile, energy companies and government, such as the Department of Defense
Experts in aerodynamics: airplanes, helicopters, race cars, footballs
Interests include: Future transportation, science fiction, electric motorcycles
Create a cleaner environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases*
Mining Engineers
Work with our natural resources: coal, gas, diamonds
Look for ways to create cleaner, less polluting and domestic sources of electricity
Work with explosives to blast out natural resources
Work in mining, machinery, construction such as on the World Trade Center site
2. From your list of ten engineers, select one career to research. Answer questions 1-10 in your
engineering notebook or in a Microsoft Word.doc first.
3. Transfer the information into an illustrated PPT presentation.
Aerospace, Agricultural, Electrical, Architectural, Bioengineering / Biomedical,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCPioqrD9U & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEx5lmbCKtY
Chemical, Civil, Computer/Software, Environmental: http://teachers.egfik12.org/ultimate-green-building/ Industrial, Mechanical, Metals and Materials, Mineral
& Mining, Nuclear, Ocean oceancareers.com, Audio, Transportation,
And so many more professions within engineering!
Additional information may be found on: www.CareerZone.NY.GOV STEM for teens...
Google: US Department of Labor Engineering: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Architectureand-Engineering/home.htm
(save websites in your favorites & copy & paste URL
into PPT).
You may add additional information if you wish, however, slides must include the
Slide #1 – Title Page/Career name, your name, date, period & pictures illustrating your
career of choice
Slide #2 – Job Description- at least four activities & illustrations this person would do on
the job
Slide #3 – Explain & illustrate the physical conditions you would work under? For example, would you
work behind a desk, outside at a job site, manufacturing plant or a ship that sails the seas?
Slide #4 – List at least five necessary skills and abilities. For example: communication, reading,
speaking, writing, mathematical, business, artistic, organizational, mechanical, research, building,
problem solving, patience, creativity, imagination…
Slide #5 – What kind of education and training is required for your career?
Slide #6 – What are the wages ($) you would expect to make and what is the job outlook?
Slide #7 – Name at least two companies that would hire this type of engineer.
Slide #8 – After exploring this career, does it still appeal to you? Why or why not?
Slide #9-- Complete conclusion questions:
a. What is one of the most interesting tasks your engineer performs? b. What would make you more
interested in becoming an engineer? c. What do you think is most difficult about being an engineer?
Slide #10 -- Final Slide – Cite sources, credits: list websites:
PPT Rubric:
Informational writing is correct, clear & in your own words; plagiarism is unethical & illegal 20
Proper use of grammar, punctuation and spelling 20
Creative and effective use of formatting (fonts & background) 20
Graphics—pictures & illustrations are creative and enhance the meaning of the text 20
Credits & citing sources are complete—Cite source next to information on the slide; Google & Bing are search engines, not sources
of work. Copy & paste website (uniform resource locator, URL) 20