Essay 3 Assignment: EDUCATION

ENG 1113
Essay 3 Assignment: EDUCATION
Writing essays on education may seem to be an easy assignment, but it needs proper research.
Furthermore, you need good writing skills to compose a well-structured essay on the topic. Choose
one of the options below to get a topic for an essay on the subject of Education. Your paper must
meet the following requirements:
Cover page
Five paragraphs
Minimum of three complete pages of text
Works Cited page with minimum of three sources
MLA formatting
Written in 3rd person
Option 1:
Derive a topic from one of the essays from your textbook and create a working thesis
statement of your own for your essay.
Part 5 - Education, 533
Hsun Tsu, "Encouraging Learning", 543
John Dewey, "Thinking in Education", 555
Maria Montessori, "The Montessori Method", 571
Carter G Woodson, "The Mis-Education of the Negro", 587
Jonathan Kozol, "The Uses of 'Diversity'", 605
Howard Gardner, "A Rounded Version, The Theory of Multiple Intelligences," 619
Ralph Waldo Emerson, "On Education," online
Option 2:
Using the search feature on the PROCON.ORG website, find articles about education and
create a working thesis on a topic in Education. Do not write your essay about an article, but get
ideas for a thesis of your own from the articles.
Some search criteria might include ‘teachers and education’, ‘education’, ‘excellence in education’,
‘standardized testing’, etc.
If an article you find is about the ill effects of standardized testing you may want to approach
the topic from a different perspective, such as ‘How Standardized Testing Has Improved
Student Learning’.
You must support whatever position you take in your paper with at least three separate
sources, such as separate articles, separate websites, separate books or journals, etc.
Refer to this link on how to cite information from PROCON.ORG
For more details on this MLA citation, see "MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)" at or visit