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The ABCs of Nature (Primary)
Benefits and Applications
• Good introductory activity before visiting the zoo
• This is an activity designed to get the students thinking about all of the
different aspects of nature
• It creates the groundwork for discussion about the importance of the many
different parts, living and non-living in the natural world
The Activity
• Have the students write the letters of the alphabet vertically down the lefthand side of the page. For a condensed version, have the child write the
letters of their name, or an animal name down the left-hand side of the
• Have the students think of things in nature that begin with the letters of the
alphabet (or their name / animal name) and write them beside their
corresponding letters.
• When they are finished, have them contribute in a class discussion by
sharing their examples.
• Most examples will likely be animals. Ask students about other things that
are necessary to keep the natural world in balance. (plants, soil, water, sun)
• Finally, put the alphabet on the chalkboard, whiteboard, or interactive
whiteboard with a word representing something from nature beside each
letter. Use examples of plants, animals, and non-living parts. (Example
A- Antler, Amphibian, Anteater, Arctic, Air
B- Beetle, Beaver, Bark, Birds, Bullfrogs, Birch, Beach
C- Crane, Crab, Coral, Canyon, Cloud, Cave, Camel
D- Dew, Desert, Deer, Ducks, Dust, Dolphins, Daisy
E- Earth, Eagle, Extinction, Eggs, Earthworms, Elk, Emu
F- Flies, Forests, Fog, Fox, Fossils, Floods, Flamingoes, Fire, Feathers
G- Grasshopper, Glacier, Gibbon, Gazelle, Granite, Geese
H- Hail, Horns, Heron, Hibernation, Hurricanes, Hyena, Hawks
I- Ice, Iron, Insects, Iguana
J- Jaguar, Jellyfish, Jungle, Jupiter
K- Katydid, Kangaroo, Kingfisher, Koala
L- Leaves, Llamas, Lion, Lizard, Lichen, Lake, Lava, Lemur
M- Mountain, Moth, Muscle, Mosquito, Moon
N- Nuts, Nests, Nectar, Newts
O- Ocean, Oak, Octopus, Opossum, Orchid, Oxygen, Oyster, Owl
P- Planet, Puffin, Pollen, Prairie, Pandas, Plants, Porcupines
Q- Quail, Quicksand, Quartz
R- River, Rock, Rose, Reindeer, Rabbit, Rainbow, Reptile, Rhea
S- Seasons, Sun, Snake, Swamp, Sunset, Spring, Squirrel, Shark, Skunk
T- Tornado, Turtle, Tundra, Tree, Tiger, Tarantula, Tadpole, Toadstool
U- Universe, Urchin
V- Valley, Volcano, Vulture, Vines, Vegetation
W- Worms, Wind, Whale, Water, Winter, Wolves, Woodpecker
X- Xylem
Y- Yucca, Yak
Z- Zebra, Zebu, Zoo