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Global corporate citizenship comes naturally to Baker & McKenzie. We don’t just support communities; we invest in them.

We do this through our Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Program, participating actively in the three pillars of our program:

• Pro bono and community service,

• Diversity and inclusion, and

• Sustainability.

Our CSR initiative leverages the Firm’s talent, passion and unique global footprint.

Our Global CSR Program reflects an extraordinary investment of our legal talent and skills around the world. We advance our corporate citizenship across borders to serve persons in need, promote inclusiveness, and foster better environmental conditions.

Eduardo Leite

Executive Committee

Chairman of Baker & McKenzie’s


CSR Matters

Our Global CSR Leadership

John Conroy


Global CSR Board

Phil Suse

Executive Committee Chair

Pro Bono & Community


Beatriz Araujo

Executive Committee

Liaison for CSR

Raymundo Enriquez

Executive Committee Chair

Diversity & Inclusion

Craig Courter

Global COO

Christie Constantine

Global Director of Corporate Social


Jeremy Pitts

Executive Committee

Chair Sustainability



Which is why we’re sharing just a few of the highlights of the ways in which we work together with our colleagues, with our clients, and with our communities.

CSR Matters






to our Firm management

Which is why Executive Committee members serve on our Global CSR Board, chaired by our former Executive Committee Chairman and supported by our

Global COO and a full-time Global Director of CSR. Committees for our three

CSR pillars are each chaired by a member of the Executive Committee with representatives from all regions where the Firm is present: Asia Pacific,

Europe and the Middle East, Latin America, and North America.



to our lawyers

Which is why they participate throughout the world in pro bono, community, and civic service; spearhead initiatives that foster inclusiveness; and help the Firm minimize its environmental impact and join forces with others to promote sustainability.



to everyone at Baker & McKenzie

Which is why we developed a unique Global CSR Delegates program, composed of dozens of lawyers and professional staff who devote about ten percent of their work hours to CSR initiatives. They collaborate with volunteers working on CSR projects, support the Firm’s global CSR leadership, and help implement our CSR strategies throughout the world.



to our clients

Which is why we regularly collaborate with our clients on pro bono matters, such as by joining forces with lawyers at Citigroup, Clorox,

McDonald’s, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Syngenta to present on an array of legal issues for Ashoka’s global social entrepreneurs throughout the world. We’ve been working with Accenture to promote societal inclusion; with Starbucks to advise the Public International Law & Policy Group; with Abbott Laboratories and Caterpillar to represent applicants for naturalization; and with Citigroup to provide guidance about legal ethics issues to a nonprofit that assists victims of domestic violence.


CSR Matters



to thought leaders

Which is why the Practising Law Institute published a book,

Pro Bono Service by In-House Counsel: Strategies and

Perspectives, edited by David Hackett, Baker & McKenzie

Partner and North America representative on the Global

Sustainability Committee. The book includes chapters written by US federal appellate judge Robert Katzmann, representatives of not-for-profit organizations, and lawyers at Accenture, American Express, AOL, Caterpillar,

Citigroup, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, General Electric,

Intel, LexisNexis, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Time Warner.

We also take other active roles in thought leadership such as by participating in the Hong Kong Community

Business CSR initiatives, the Leadership Council on

Legal Diversity, A Call to Action Canada, and the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession.



to other CSR leaders

Which is why we have been recognized twice for our pro bono service by the Pro Bono Institute , were highly commended by the Financial Times for our cross-border teaming work, and were the first law firm to receive the Foreign Policy Association award. Baker & McKenzie was listed in the

Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity by MultiCultural Law magazine and in the

Top 100 Employers by leading UK LGBT advocacy organization Stonewall ; named one of the “Best Places to Work” in the US for LGBT equality by the

Human Rights Campaign ; and ranked among the most fertility adoptionfriendly workplaces in the US by Conceive magazine. It’s also why the

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region recognized Baker & McKenzie with its Environmental Excellence award.

CSR Matters



“At Baker & McKenzie, our pro bono and community service engages our people and our pro bono and commercial clients collaboratively worldwide in the development of innovative solutions to address critical needs.”

Phil Suse

Baker & McKenzie North America Regional Managing Partner and

Executive Committee Chair of the Global Pro Bono & Community

Service Committee



Save the Children is one of the largest children’s charities in the world and comprises 29 member organizations that help children in more than 120 countries. It works to protect children from abuse and neglect by promoting access to education, health and nutrition; supporting financially vulnerable families; and providing food and medical care when disaster strikes.

Baker & McKenzie provides pro bono support to Save the

Children, including on employment, intellectual property, tax, and international law matters, and our lawyers from around the world recently advised on the major restructuring of the organization to streamline its global operations and better position the charity to save even more lives.

By centralizing its global operations, Save the Children is able to deliver programs more efficiently and effectively, and make a significant difference in the lives of more children.

Stephen Jones

Baker & McKenzie

Partner and Chair of the London

Pro Bono Committee

We also work with Concern Worldwide on sustainable water systems in Sierra Leone and on efforts to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in Sierra Leone, Malawi, and India.

Concern Worldwide is dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty in 28 countries.

Putting a newly constructed well and hand pump through their paces. Maconteh Village,

Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone.


CSR Matters

Our Statement of Commitment

We apply our legal knowledge and passion to advance fundamental rights and opportunities for persons in need throughout the world. We do this in collaboration with clients and organizations dedicated to promoting justice and compassion in our global community.

Innovating to Support Those in Need

International NGO Ashoka’s fellowship program engages over

2,500 social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries. A group of these fellows — the Ashoka Globalizers — are focused on driving global social innovation.

Ashoka’s Globalizer Fellows are involved in innovative projects around the world to empower local communities. They’re setting up micro-hydropower systems that supply electricity to rural households, establishing a software company with technology to employ adults with autism, building knowledge networks that integrate telemedicine to access specialized healthcare in underserved areas, and promoting independence through systems of self-financing communities.

To support social innovation on a global scale, Baker & McKenzie and dozens of in-house counsel around the world from

Citigroup, Clorox, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Starbucks, and

Syngenta are working with Ashoka to present comparative international perspectives on issues relating to employment and diversity, intellectual property, use of social media and data privacy, corporate structure and tax-exempt status, and anti-corruption and governance. As Ashoka’s Globalizer

Fellows go global, they will have background on international laws and practices for even more social innovation.

Social entrepreneurs who are growing their impact around the world face many of the same legal questions and challenges that a growing global company does, but without the same resources. We are thrilled that

Baker & McKenzie has taken initiative to create a webinar series geared at helping Ashoka

Fellows and their organizations think through these important legal matters. Their innovative collaboration with global corporate clients has produced a critical resource for global social entrepreneurs.

Danielle Goldstone


Change Leader

Participating in the global pro bono project supporting Ashoka was highly gratifying, both from a personal and a professional point of view. The experience of interacting with attorneys from different geographies, with the same interest in supporting pro bono activities was also unique and highly recommendable.

Guillermo Hours

The Clorox Company

Senior International Counsel

Lawyers and professional staff from the

Singapore office support recreational activities for children through the

Kids United program of Beyond Social

Services, a charity organization that works to curb delinquency among disadvantaged youth.

CSR Matters




Devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, unprecedented floods in Pakistan, a transnational tsunami in Southeast Asia

— in the chaotic aftermath of a natural disaster, how do you navigate different regulatory requirements so that rescue workers, doctors, food, and medicine are quickly deployed where they’re needed most? Microsoft Corporation’s lawyers in Latin

America and Europe, in collaboration with Baker & McKenzie, are among those helping the International Federation of the Red

Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) figure that out.

Dozens of governments have asked the IFRC for standardized statutory language to implement disaster relief guidelines adopted by the Geneva Convention. Referred by Advocates for

International Development (A4ID), the IFRC turned to us to look at international laws that address declarations of disasters; customs; entry visas; taxation; land, marine, and air transport; currency importation and cash donations; and other issues.

Members of the pro bono team from Baker & McKenzie and

Microsoft have been participating in the drafting of model legislation, meeting in Geneva and Oxford to consult with the

IFRC, NGOs, the United Nations, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and others. Harmonized model legislation can mean swifter and better disaster relief through quality oversight and coordination among governments and organizations, locally and abroad, when disaster strikes.

A4ID is delighted to have enabled the involvement of Baker & McKenzie and Microsoft lawyers in this large project to work with the International

Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This is an excellent example of how lawyers have a key role to play in addressing the challenges facing our world and we look forward to seeing how the work is used to improve the response of humanitarian actors following disasters.

Yasmin Batliwala


Advocates for International Development

Baker & McKenzie and

Microsoft have a similar global footprint. When we teamed up to evaluate disaster relief statutes across Latin America for the International Red Cross, we sought to enhance how governments and organizations respond to crises — which was made all the more urgent as we worked on this amid the earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, and Japan.

Microsoft Corporation


CSR Matters

Expediting Aid

Our US lawyers work with NetHope, an organization that helps its member NGOs advance humanitarian development, emergency response and conservation through smarter use of technology. We advise NetHope on advanced governance regimes and legal agreements, while also providing assistance during disaster response efforts.

In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, we advised

NetHope on legal agreements necessary for one of the first foreign disaster relief teams to enter the country as well as on contracts to enable local emergency Internet services.

Helping Victims of Disaster

In addition to advising organizations that provide relief, our

Firm also assists individuals affected by natural disasters such as by representing those harmed by bush fires in

Australia, helping Haitians seek temporary protected status under US law, and providing emergency heating resources for orphanages in Northern China. We’ve also helped around the world with funding support for the victims of the Jakarta earthquake, Typhoon Ketsana in the

Philippines, the earthquake in Haiti, the Queensland floods, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Time is of the essence when emergency relief is required and Baker & McKenzie’s work allows us to be on the ground, ready to help, as soon as is practical.

William Brindley

Chief Executive Officer


Our Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam offices raised funds for earthquake relief efforts in

Japan through an online auction called “Nippon

Ganbatte!” (Japan, Don’t Give Up!). Lawyers and staff auctioned off not only items of value, but also their personal time and skills through fashion and cooking classes, career coaching, food and shopping tours, and sailing lessons.

CSR Matters


Promoting Political and Environmental


Though a 2008 ruling by the Nepal Supreme Court directed enactment of legislation to regulate bars known as “cabin and dance restaurants,” legislative reform did not move forward.

Women and young girls in Kathmandu continued to work long hours in unsafe working conditions for erratic pay, and often were sexually exploited.

Baker & McKenzie has been representing international

NGO PILnet in collaboration with more than 40 in-house lawyers at Accenture, Caterpillar, and Merck. Working from a dozen countries, the team drafted model legislation based on international laws and best practices. The draft law was presented by members of the pro bono team to Nepali legislators and others in Kathmandu in 2011, and is currently under review by Nepal’s legislature and Supreme Court.

This project gave us an opportunity to really make a systemic impact on a problem and help a large number of people. The scope of this project was incredible. It was a chance for us to pull together our attorneys across a number of continents and practice areas — something we hadn’t done before. Teaming up with Baker & McKenzie provided us with the training, tools, and confidence to go forward. We realized there aren’t the barriers we thought there once were.


Senior Legal Counsel

When we are looking for law firms to involve in our most significant projects, we look for firms that have a track record of successfully undertaking large scale projects, that are prepared to make the long-term commitment required for real, sustainable change and have the wherewithal to manage all the complex pieces of a truly global collaboration with under-resourced civil society organizations. That’s a tall order, and as most prominently illustrated by our collaboration together in Nepal, Baker & McKenzie is at the top of the class.

Edwin Rekosh


Executive Director


CSR Matters

Nepal’s Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Justice presenting at the conference in Kathmandu in

January 2011.

Accenture, Caterpillar, Merck,

PILnet, and Baker & McKenzie were recognized for their collaboration by the Pro

Bono Institute with its 2010

Corporate Pro Bono Partner


Left to right:

Michael Sposato (Caterpillar),

John Conroy (Baker & McKenzie),

Edwin Rekosh (PILnet),

Bruce Kuhlik (Merck), and

Julie Sweet (Accenture) at the

Pro Bono Institute’s Annual

Dinner in November 2010 as John accepts the award.

Supporting Post-Conflict Resolution

The Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), a

2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is a public interest law firm that advises on post-conflict issues. Baker & McKenzie lawyers engaged in research and analysis of comparative constitutional law issues to assist PILPG as it advised one of its longstanding clients in Southeast Asia on the formation of a new constitution. The pro bono team helped identify models, principles, and provisions adopted in the constitutions and laws of other nations with respect to fundamental rights; judicial, legislative and executive structures; riparian rights and natural resource allocation mechanisms; and transitional provisions to prepare for a new governing system and restructuring of the state.

Fostering Access to Information

We help promote access to information, such as by collaborating with Google’s in-house counsel on comparative analysis of freedom of information laws for PILnet, and by representing the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) in consultation with the International Senior Lawyers Project

(ISLP) to provide international perspectives on proposed access to information laws in the Republic of Georgia. We also represented IREX through the ISLP, working with counsel at

The New York Times to share international best practices on freedom of information in connection with a law proposed by the Republic of Yemen, meeting with Yemeni lawmakers in Amman, Jordan and Sana’a, Yemen.

Working Towards Good


The Firm’s Taipei office spearheaded campaigns for judicial reform in Taiwan on legal aid, judicial ethics, and criminal procedure law.

CSR Matters




Throughout the world, we support a variety of educational initiatives. For example, for more than ten years, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Advogados, Baker & McKenzie’s associated firm in Brazil, has been helping participants of the Learning and

Professional Monitoring Center develop skills and prepare for employment, and has hired apprentices to work for the Firm.

And our Stockholm office has been advising the Stockholm

School of Economics and helping its student association combat school bullying and harassment.

In another initiative, led by Caritas Foundation Worldwide, the

Santiago office helped Corporacion Mozambique establish a partnership between Chilean and Mozambique schools. And for more than 30 years, our Chicago office has been providing tuition support and mentorship to economically disadvantaged African-

American high school students through LINK Unlimited, for which the Firm was recognized by the Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to

Youth Program with its “Law Firm Partner of the Year Award.”

Every other Friday, Firm volunteers under the

Reach Out and Read (ROAR!) program visit the

Henry Davis York and Bourke Street Primary

School in Surry Hills, Australia to help students develop their reading skills.


Baker & McKenzie Associates Christopher Allen and  Elizabeth Caldwell


Baker & McKenzie Associates Tatjana Giutronich

(foreground) and Sally Carr


CSR Matters

Fostering Access to


To encourage donor financing for treatment of HIV-positive women that can significantly reduce the risk of transmission to babies, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and

Malaria launched Born HIV Free, a digital media campaign.

Baker & McKenzie advised on the live streaming of Paul

McCartney’s London concert on YouTube that supported the campaign, and on a petition and blogging competition on

Facebook. In just five months, 20 million people reportedly responded to the campaign and 700,000 signed the petition to end mother-to-child HIV transmission.

Supporting Health Campaigns Worldwide

We promote healthcare initiatives throughout the world in other ways as well. Our Vietnam offices provided tax-related advice to the Saigon Children’s Charity, counseled Atlantic Philanthropies which supports Vietnam’s public health sector, and helped the

Asia Injury Prevention Foundation set up a factory to produce safety equipment for children.

Our New York and Dallas lawyers collaborated with American

Express to advise Operation OF, which funds programs that treat women in sub-Saharan Africa suffering from obstetric fistula, on governance issues. And in the Philippines, we provided pro bono and other support on the ground to Medical

Missions for Children, which assembled an international volunteer medical team to perform restorative surgery on underprivileged children with cleft lips and cleft palettes.

Advising on Legal Rights in Health Matters

We also counsel on patients’ rights. Our San Diego office has been advising the Children’s Hospital Chadwick Center on protecting patient privacy under state and federal laws, providing guidance about invoking the therapist-patient privilege, and representing the Center in court. The Warsaw office has been providing legal advice to Federacja Pacjentow

Polskich with respect to patients’ rights in Poland as the organization assists transplant and nephrology patients, and also has been developing experts’ positions on co-financing service provisions in collaboration with NGOs for the Lege

Pharmaciae Fund, among others.

Lawyers in Chicago have been teaming with Accenture to advise more than a hundred low-income senior citizens referred by the

Center for Disability and Elder Law’s Senior Citizen Initiative, on powers of attorney and living wills. And our Melbourne and

Sydney offices regularly provide legal representation to cancer patients referred by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center and the New South Wales Cancer Council, on matters such as superannuation and wills.

The Born HIV Free campaign was like a coming-of-age for

The Global Fund in terms of social media. The concert livestream was an exclusive — if you wanted to see the concert you had to come to our YouTube channel which meant you could learn about the campaign. It was re-tweeted thousands of times within three hours, which was a great success in reaching a very different audience.

Jeremy Bogen

Partnerships Coordinator for Social Media

The Global Fund to Fight

AIDS, Tuberculosis and


Sticker given to children who underwent the surgical procedure.

CSR Matters



“Our differences move us forward. Diversity is our opportunity.”

Raymundo Enriquez

Baker & McKenzie Chairman of the Latin America Regional Council and

Executive Committee Chair of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Supporting LGBT


When Lisa Pond suffered a brain aneurism, her partner of

18 years, Janice Langbehn, and their three children were all refused access to Lisa’s bedside by the Florida trauma center simply because of the couple’s sexual orientation.

The Langbehn-Pond family waited in vain for an agonizing eight hours, until Lisa passed away alone, without the comfort of Janice and her children by her side.

Baker & McKenzie’s Miami office co-counseled with Lambda

Legal, the oldest and largest LGBT civil rights group in the

United States, to represent Janice in her suit against the medical facility. When the suit was rejected by the court, the team’s work continued with an advocacy campaign that drew support from other LGBT groups and the general public.

Their work led to a memorandum from President Barack

Obama directing the Secretary of Health and Human

Services to review hospital visitation and other health care issues affecting LGBT couples. The team helped refine the guidelines, which took effect in January 2011, requiring that regardless of sexual orientation, Medicaid and Medicare patients across the US must have access to a visitor of their choosing. The new guidelines ensure that other families won’t be deprived of solace during times of illness.

Janice is a recipient of the 2011 Presidential Citizens Medal, the US’ second-highest civilian honor, for her efforts to ensure that all Americans are treated equally.

I hope that these new rules make sure that no family ever has to experience the nightmare that my family has gone through.

This was about protecting the legal access that a parent has to see a child, or an essential loved one’s right to be aware of what is going on with their loved one.

Don Hayden

Baker & McKenzie



CSR Matters

Our Statement of Commitment

As the first truly global law firm, Baker & McKenzie’s origins are rooted in the respect for and appreciation of different cultures. Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA — since our beginning, the differences of our people have helped us to work fluently across borders, cultures and practices. We understand that organizations work best when people with different backgrounds and multiple points of view are brought together. Our own diversity mirrors our commitment to exploring multiple perspectives to develop the best possible solutions for our clients and to fostering a culture of respect and inclusion.

Advocating for LGBT Asylum Applicants

Fleeing persecution because of their sexual orientation, “HJ” of Iran and “HT” of Cameroon made their way to what they hoped was a new life in the UK. When both were ordered repatriated, however, they faced the prospect of imprisonment and even execution in their respective homelands.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees tapped long-time pro bono supporter Baker & McKenzie to assist with the appeal. Legal volunteers from our London office argued that the court’s decision contradicted the 1951 Refugee

Convention, which provides that no refugee may be compelled to return to a territory where there is a threat to life or liberty.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom agreed and overturned the prior ruling.

At Baker & McKenzie, we take

LGBT rights and welcoming

LGBT people seriously.

Harry Small

Partner and Chair of the Global Diversity

LGBT Initiative

Helping Lift Florida’s

Ban on Adoption by

Gay Parents

In collaboration with lawyers at the Estée Lauder Companies,

Baker & McKenzie’s Miami and New York lawyers filed an amicus brief in a case that supported the end of

Florida’s 33-year statutory ban on adoption by gay parents.

The favorable ruling gives new hope to children by opening an added avenue for adoption.

Left to right:

The Baker & McKenzie team that advised the UNHCR:

Liz Williams, Sarah West,

Iona  Harding, and Richard Davies.

CSR Matters


Ensuring the Professional Advancement of


Our Amsterdam lawyers took the lead in lobbying via

Women on Top and in drafting a law that establishes target figures for the number of women on Dutch management boards and supervisory boards, which was unanimously passed by the Dutch Senate on May 31, 2011 to come into effect on January 1, 2012.

Baker & McKenzie’s European

Employment Group Co-Chair and

Global Diversity Gender Initiative

Chair Mirjam de Blécourt helped draft Amsterdam’s new law supporting women executives.

We make sure to find ways to pass a hand on to others to help them succeed, so that they in turn can do the same for someone else,

‘lifting as we climb.’

Baker & McKenzie Partner,

Chair of the North America

Women’s Initiative, and

Global CSR Delegate

Left to right:

Deborah Epstein Henry, Founder and President of

Flex-Time Lawyers, Beatriz Araujo, Baker & McKenzie

Executive Committee member, and Carol Evans, CEO of the National Association for Female Executives, as

Beatriz accepts Baker & McKenzie’s award for Top

Law Firms for Women, September 2011.


CSR Matters

Supporting Persons with


Since 2003, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Advogados,

Baker & McKenzie’s associated firm in Brazil, has been supporting the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the

Blind, which produces and distributes books to over

1,000 institutions. In Bogota, the Firm participated in and helped organize, through Fundación Pro Bono, a conference on tax, labor, and corporate matters for organizations that assist the elderly and people with disabilities. Firm volunteers in Santiago advised on the formation of a foundation which assists individuals with substance abuse issues and supported an educational nonprofit that reintegrates youth at social risk due to drugs and crime.

Our Hong Kong office works with the White Rose

Family Foundation to help young individuals meet their educational needs. And our London office supports

Mencap’s work to provide specialist support services to individuals with learning disabilities and assistance to their families and caregivers.

We also advocate for children with learning disabilities.

In-house counsel at Intel Corporation have joined forces with the Firm’s San Francisco and Palo Alto offices to advocate for dozens of school children with special needs from low-income families, for which we both received the 2011 Guardian of Justice Award from the Legal Aid

Society of San Mateo County, California.

In 2011, more than 50 attendees at the Firm’s annual meeting in Beijing and their spouses and guests visited the China Little Flower orphanage. The volunteers played games, held and fed babies, and read stories from books they brought from around the world for children with physical disabilities who had been abandoned, ranging in age from premature infants to teens.

Baker & McKenzie lawyers and staff donated children’s books from around the world, often choosing titles recommended by their children. The Baker & McKenzie

Foundation also made a donation to China Little Flower, and the Firm’s Beijing office continues to support the orphanage.

Through Enfants du Mekong, lawyers and staff from our Paris office are sponsors to children with hearing and speech impairments in the province of Iligan, Mindanao in the Philippines.

CSR Matters



“Through our sustainability initiatives we seek to share and then embed best practice in our operations.

And we encourage all our people to adopt sustainable practices as a core part of their professional lives.”

Jeremy Pitts

Chairman of the Asia Pacific Regional Council and Executive

Committee Chair of the Global Sustainability Committee

Promoting Sustainable


The Gaia Foundation supports grassroots movements and communities in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe to protect their biological and cultural diversity, according to their traditional knowledge and community governance systems. To help support Gaia Foundation’s work to protect sacred natural sites and cultural heritage, we assembled a pro bono team comprising lawyers from Latin America, Europe and Australia.

We developed legal briefings which reviewed recommendations and guidance from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity, analyzed protections from UNESCO and its Man and Biosphere

Program, and looked at Colombian cultural property regulation and the rights of indigenous communities under Mexican law.

The team identified legal tools that communities could use to protect their sacred sites. Our lawyers examined local law and international conventions that indigenous communities could call upon, and the practical aspects of doing so when the legal framework provided for it.

We have been impressed with Baker & McKenzie’s comprehensive research and personal approach. The Firm’s strong commitment to providing pro bono support is admirable and much appreciated.

Legal Researcher

Gaia Foundation

Lawyers as well as staff from the Firm’s

London office have been participating in the UK Green Transport Plan, cycling to work as a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle choice.

Baker & McKenzie has acquired sufficient carbon credits to offset all the anticipated scope 1 and 2 emissions associated with the 20th World Petroleum Congress (WPC). The credits will be progressively retired by Baker & McKenzie to cover all the verified emissions from the 20th WPC shortly after it concludes.

Together with the (WPC) Organising Committee,

Baker & McKenzie recognises the importance of environmental sustainability for the World Petroleum

Congress,” said Baker & McKenzie Gulf Managing Partner

Borys Dackiw. “Increasingly, emissions reduction technology and the carbon markets are playing a crucial role in the global oil and gas sector.


CSR Matters

Our Statement of Commitment

We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. We contribute to sustainability not only through our work as global leaders in our environmental and climate change practices, but also through our efforts to monitor and mitigate the environmental impact and risk of our operations. We seek to reduce, reuse and recycle the energy and natural resources necessary for our business, and we collaborate with our clients on sustainability initiatives.

Safeguarding Rainforests

Baker & McKenzie was connected to The Gaia Foundation through Ibex Earth, which has an innovative pro bono scheme that links law firms with green charities. Through Ibex Earth, the Firm has also provided corporate, intellectual property and property advice to other international environmental nonprofits.

Our lawyers have also worked directly with Ibex Earth, as a founding member of the organization and by providing pro bono advice in a report about legislation affecting rainforests worldwide in connection with the organization’s work with the

United Nations on anti-deforestation measures.

The report will also be used to help launch the Green

Square Mile initiative, an exciting initiative which aims to encourage organizations within the City of London to help raise funds to protect an area of endangered rainforest the size of the square mile [the financial and business center of London].

Chris Livemore


Ibex Earth

Baker & McKenzie Partner Federico Ruanova joined former US Vice President Al Gore and others to discuss the vital role of sustainability in strengthening local communities at the 2010 Tijuana Innovadora conference.

CSR Matters


Helping Build


When countries come together for climate change negotiations, developing nations are often at a disadvantage in terms of readily available legal resources. The Legal

Response Initiative (LRI) was formed by lawyers from Oxfam and World Wildlife Fund UK to address that disparity, and

Baker & McKenzie supports their efforts to help achieve equitable outcomes.

The Firm has been working across borders to respond within hours to specific questions on policies, processes, and legal implications, providing answers 24/7 from a pool of our climate change lawyers worldwide. And we joined LRI in 2010 to train

Bangladeshi environmental and foreign affairs officials on the

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

LRI is ready and willing to help even at the most critical junctures of international negotiations. It’s a meaningful undertaking on behalf of those most affected by climate change.

Richard Saines

Baker & McKenzie Partner

Lawyers in the Melbourne and Sydney offices have been putting their insights in climate change and environmental law to good use assisting on a pro bono basis a number of not-for-profit organizations that are working towards building a more sustainable future. Organizations such as the Australian Carbon Trust, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, the Climate Institute, the South East Asia and Pacific, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, and the Australian Solar Institute have benefited from our experience on a broad range of legal issues.

Anna McCann

Baker & McKenzie Australia

Pro Bono Program Director and Global CSR Delegate

Baker & McKenzie Global Climate Change Practice Chair and Australian National

University Adjunct Professor Martijn Wilder lectured on the legal intricacies of climate change before lawyers, government officials and corporate executives aboard a cruise organized by Legalwise Seminars to Antarctica — where climate change is most evident.


CSR Matters

Going Even


Baker & McKenzie is committed to promoting sustainability in our own business operations. Our Global Sustainability

Committee shares tools and best practices among our offices around the world. We focus on raising awareness about environmental issues, implementing practices and identifying opportunities for greener operations, and taking action to reduce our environmental footprint.

Sustainability Worldwide

In Australia, for example, our offices reduced their carbon footprint by five percent through staff education, increasing operational efficiencies, and procuring carbon off-sets for air miles they consume. Our Amsterdam office increased energy efficiency by up to 25 percent through various technological innovations.

Proceeds of an ongoing waste battery recycling and disposal plan in our Beijing office are donated to students and orphans in poverty-stricken rural areas in the country. And in Brazil, we have been donating waste plastic to Coopamare for recycling into consumer items, which are then sold to fund various outreach programs.

The “Baker & McKenzie House” in

Amsterdam uses heat exchangers, an energy efficient lighting system, specialized windows, and an insulating grass and moss roof.

CSR Matters


Baker & McKenzie has been global since inception. Being global is part of our DNA.

Our difference is the way we think, work and behave – we combine an instinctively global perspective with a genuinely multicultural approach, enabled by collaborative relationships and yielding practical, innovative advice. Serving our clients with more than 4,000 lawyers in over

40 countries, we have a deep understanding of the culture of business the world over and are able to bring the talent and experience needed to navigate complexity across practices and borders with ease.

CSR matters.

Which is why we invite you to find out more — about collaborating with us on pro bono representations, joining us in community service, attending our CLE seminars on ethical aspects of pro bono service and globalizing pro bono practices, participating in diversity dialogues, and working with us on sustainability initiatives.

For more information, please contact your Baker & McKenzie lawyer or

Christie Constantine

Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Baker & McKenzie Global Services LLC

300 East Randolph Street

Chicago, IL 60601 USA

Tel.: +1 312 861 4221



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