Periodic Table Lab Questions

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Periodic Table Lab Questions
Each question below refers to one of the shapes on the cards that were arranged in the
4 x 3 pattern in the lab. (four across and three rows down)
1.) What was the pattern that you noticed for the square box in the upper left corner of each card?
2.) Was there a pattern for the circle found in each box. Describe this pattern in detail.
3.) For the three dimensional box describe the rotation pattern.
4.) Did the star shape have a pattern?
Describe this pattern.
5.) Which shape had the most difficult pattern to determine?
6.) Why did you think the pattern for the shape in question 5 was hard to determine?
Answer the following questions using your knowledge of the Periodic Table
7.) What are the two primary ways the Periodic Table is arranged?
8.) How does the atomic size change as you go across the Periodic Table?
9.) How does the atomic size change as you go down the table?
10.) Which shape in the lab best represents the change in atomic size of the atoms in the Periodic Table?
11.) Which shape might best represent the change in the number of electrons in the outer level of the atom?
12.) How is this lab similar to the process of discovery used by Mendeleev when he invented the Periodic Table?