Scientific Method review sheet

Scientific Method review sheet
1) Define the scientific method
2) Why is it important to have all scientists using the same method
3) Know the six steps of the method in order
4) Know that the last step is the most important because sharing your findings helps
5) Be able to recognize the two parts of an experiment
6) What is a theory and how does it differ from a scientific law
7) Know that scientific experiments are done using the metric system
8) Recognize the basic units for each of the following measurements: Mass, volume,
density and linear
9) Know the prefixes to metric measure and how to convert back and forth
10) Be familiar with the parts of a microscope and that the eyepiece is 10x and that
you multiply that by the objective to get the total magnification
11) Know the difference between a simple and compound microscope
12) How does an electron microscope work
13) What are some lab techniques such as centrifugation, electrophoresis etc…