Homework 1

North Seattle Community College
Spring 2012
Homework 1
1. Fill out the document titled “Intake Questionnaire 04.01.12.doc” on the facweb
website. Email me your answers as an attachment.
2. Compare the theoretical resolution limit of a light microscope and an electron
microscope. The wavelength of electrons is about 0.004 nm. Assume the angle α
of an electron microscope is 6 degrees, and the transmission medium is a
3. Pick one of the following to answer:
A. Draw and label a simple diagram of the human eye. Explain how
contrast arises in the human eye. Determine and explain the resolution
limit of the human eye.
B. Look up one of the characterization methods that you had never heard
of before from the list we reviewed the first day of class. Draw and label a
diagram of the method. Explain the input, output, and how contrast is