Academy of Art University Transfer Guide for Pierce College

Academy of Art University Transfer Guide for Pierce College
Academy of Art University will consider following courses from Pierce College towards fulfillment of the Liberal Arts
graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. Students are
encouraged to contact their Admissions Representative prior to registration to ensure direct transfer of coursework.
Coursework must be successfully completed with a minimum letter grade of “C” or above to be evaluated for
transfer of credit to Academy of Art University. Official transfer evaluations are based on the current transfer policies
during the student’s semester of admission and will be binding for their entire matriculation. Units completed at
another institution after the student has started a degree program at Academy of Art University will not be
considered for transfer.
Academy of Art University Course
Pierce College Equivalent
LA 108: Composition for the Artist
LA 202: English Composition: Creative
Persuasion & Argument
LA 120: Art History through the 15th Century
English 101 College Reading and Composition I
LA 121: Art History through the 19th Century
Art 102 Survey of Art History II
LA 171: Western Civilization
History 1 Introduction to Western Civilization I
Only 1 Course
LA 270: U.S. History
History 12 Political and Social History of the United States II
LA 255: College Math
Mathematics 215 Principles of Mathematics I
LA 293: Precalculus
Mathematics 260 Precalculus
LA 368: Experiencing Culture: Anthropology
for Today's Artist
LA 238: World Literature
Anthropology 102 Human Ways of Life: Cultural
English 203 World Literature I
LA 303: Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 1 Introduction to Philosophy
LA 365: General Psychology
Psychology 1 General Psychology I
LA 300: Introduction to Public Speaking
Communication Studies 101 Public Speaking
Art Historical
Only 1 Course
Cultural Ideas &
Only 1 Course
Liberal Arts
English 103 Composition and Critical Thinking
Art 101 Survey of Art History I
*Students seeking the Associate of Arts (AA) or Bachelor of Architecture – Candidacy Status (B.Arch) degree
should contact their Academy of Art University Admissions Representative for a separate transfer guide.
Academy of Art University | Admissions Department | 79 New Montgomery St, San Francisco 94105 | [email protected]
Updated Feb. 2015