Converting Cubic Feet to Gallons

Converting Cubic Feet to
By James McDonald, PE, CWT
Originally Published: CSTN – July/August 2005
or those of you who may be in a hurry or are dimensional-analysis
impaired, here is a reminder of how to convert water bills that are stated in
cubic feet into gallons. Consider this example: water costs $0.8344/100
cubic feet. How much does water cost per 1,000 gallons?
cu ft * 1,000 = $1.12
1,000 gallons
100 cu ft 7.481 gal
Don’t forget to divide by the “100” because you’re dealing with 100 cubic
feet, and don’t forget to multiply by 1,000 or else your answer will be in
$/gallon instead of per 1,000 gallons.
Now you’re a math genius. Go forth and multiply!