The Book Thief English 3 Summer Assignment Symbols: Words

The Book Thief
English 3 Summer Assignment
As an English 3 student, you will spend time evaluating and analyzing literature in order to determine the deeper meanings
and messages the authors are trying to create within a piece. One element utilized by many authors is symbolism. As you
read the novel, The Book Thief, you will be specifically identifying passages that focus on the various symbols that Markus
Zusak makes use of throughout his story. The evidence of those symbols will be recorded in the charts below (Step 1).
After filling in the symbols charts, you will respond to each reflection in a well-developed body paragraph of 5 sentences or
more (Step 2). Your responses must be typed in MLA format, they must make a clear argument, and they must incorporate
textual evidence (with proper MLA citation).
Once your charts are complete and your reflections are written, answer the following question in a well-developed body
paragraph (Step 3). It should be typed in MLA format, and it should make a clear argument, using textual evidence to
support your claim.
Final Reflection Prompt:
After reading the novel, what does it mean to be a human in a time of
oppression and war?
These three things are what we will expect you to have completed when you come into class on the first day of
English 3. We will also be discussing this novel throughout the school, so come prepared to share your ideas!
Symbols: Words, Reading, and Propaganda
Throughout the novel, Liesel grows to understand the power of words, the importance of reading, and the impact of spoken
and written language in persuading others.
Words, Reading, and Propaganda Reflection: Based on the quotes you have found, explain how propaganda is present
in Liesel’s everyday life. Also explain how that propaganda has created a culture of fear.
Symbol: Thievery
As indicated by the title, The Book Thief is about thievery.
Thievery Reflection: Based on the quotes you have found, explain the following: In what way does thievery have both
literal and symbolic significance for Liesel and the rest of the characters?
Symbol: The Use of and Acknowledgement of Colors
Throughout the story, Zusak uses an array of colors to represent certain emotions and ideas.
Color Reflection: Based on the quotes you have found, how does Markus Zusak use colors to influence the tone and mood
of the story and to create bonds between characters?