Get Started with Pearson's Hazard City in MasteringGeology (5th ed

Get Started with Pearson’s Hazard City in MasteringGeology (5th ed.)
For GEOL 380 Spring 2015 (Prof. Altaner)
IMPORTANT - You should Bookmark in your
browser for completion of future assignments. You cannot get access to
your Hazard City assignments through other Pearson URLs
First, make sure you have
these 3 things…
Email: You might get emails from Prof. Altaner at
this e-mail address.
Access code or credit card: The required access
code comes with your book if you purchased a
NEW textbook. (NOTE: Used copies likely will not
have a working access code.)
Alternatively, you can purchase access to Hazard
City in MasteringGeology only for $15.
Next, get registered!
1. Go to
2. On the right side under Register Now, click on the red box labeled STUDENT. On the right side of
the next screen under Select your location, click in US or Canada. On the next screen, click on
the button Yes, I have a Course ID. In the Course ID box, enter MGEOLALTANER73499 and
then click Go. Finally, click Next. On the next screen, click on the button that applies to your
situation: Yes, I have an access code (an access code accompanies new versions of the
textbook) or No, I need to buy access (if you have a used version of the textbook). Then, click
Next. On the next screen, click Hazard City 5/e and then, click Next. On the next screen, read
the information on Privacy Policy and License Agreement and then click on the I Accept button.
3. Create a new Pearson username and password, or, if you’ve already registered for another
Pearson product (e.g., MyMathLab), enter that username and password.
4. On the next page, fill out the appropriate information fields and then, click Next. If you entered an
Access Code, you will be brought to a page from which you can access your product. If not, enter
your payment information so that you can Purchase Access, after which you’ll be granted access.
5. You are now registered! Now, it’s time to enroll in the course. Click SIGN IN. Once signed in you
can: enter your Course ID (MGEOLALTANER73499) and your U of I NetID (first part of your email address). Remember: Hazard City is used only in three of the Lab Homeworks (#4, 7, and 9).
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