Apollo 13 DVD Review..

CIS 144
Problem Solving
Apollo 13 DVD Observation Sheet
Write down a brief scene descriptor for the methodologies that you saw in action in the viewing of Apollo 13
A method of problem solving using exploration and trial and error methods. Heuristic program design provides a
framework for solving the problem in contrast with a fixed set of rules (algorithmic) that cannot vary.
Present state/Desired state
A problem is said to exist when one is given a present state, a description of the characteristics of a desired state, and the
operations that can be used to go from one state to another.
Duncker Diagram
What needs to be done to make it OK NOT to solve problem posed?
KT Problem Analysis
Used to find the cause of a positive or negative deviation. When people, machinery, systems, or processes are not
performing as expected, Problem Analysis points to the relevant information and leads the way to the root cause.
Potential Problem Analysis
Used to protect and leverage actions or plans. When a project simply must go well, risk is high, or myriad things could go
wrong, Potential Problem Analysis reveals the driving factors and identifies ways to lower risk. When one action is taken,
new opportunities arise that can help you benefit from that action.
A group problem-solving technique in which members sit around and let fly with ideas and possible solutions to the
Gorham Analysis
Similar to the SCAMPER method.