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Apollo SM2A-03-BK-II-1

January 2006 Publication Note
Volume 1 of the Apollo Operations Handbook for Block II Spacecraft
contains a detailed description of the command and service modules used
for the Apollo lunar landing missions. It was originally published in April
of 1969. It includes changes as of October 15, 1969. The original document was provided by Frank O’Brien, co-editor of the Apollo Flight
This PDF version was produced by Bill Wood. The original pages were
scanned with an Epson Expression 10000XL, using Silverfast 6 AI Studio,
to produce high quality 48-bit images for further processing. Each page
image was straightened and cleaned up in Photoshop CS2 prior to producing 150 pixel-per-inch GIF page images. Printed halftone images were
carefully converted to gray-scale images. Microsoft Word 2002 was used
to compose the page images into a DOC file prior to conversion to PDF
pages. Finally, Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional was used to add the bookmarks before the final PDF edition was produced.
Bill Wood was a Unified S-Band Lead Engineer at the Goldstone Apollo
MSFN station during the lunar missions. Frank O’Brien is a frequent contributor to Apollo Lunar Surface Journal and well as the Apollo Flight