Pages 195-213
1. Who goes to tell the people that Beowulf is dead? (pg. 195). This is an example of a
character archetype. Look up the messenger as an archetype and record some information
on it here.
2. What does the messenger worry about? What does he recount of the Swedes?
3. Who at first injured Ongentheow? Who was able to kill Ongentheow? What does this
have to do with the messenger’s concern?
4. Which bodies do the Geats find? How is this symbolic? What does this tell us about
each of them?
5. What significant revelation did the Geats have about the treasure? It connects to wyrd.
6. What was Beowulf’s wyrd, as explained by Wiglaf?
7. What is a barrow? Who wants one? How is a barrow symbolic?
8. What do the Geats do with the two bodies?
9. Describe Beowulf’s funeral.
10. How does the Epic end? What does this tell us about Beowulf?