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The Messenger – Quotes
For a moment, I look down and pity him, because I realise that I’m quite possibly looking at the most
hapless man on Earth. Ed about the gunman P. 11
Constantly, I’m asking myself, “Well, Ed – what have you really achieved in your nineteen years?” The
answer’s simple: Jack-shit. Ed, p.17
“You’re a dead man. You just wait…’His words attack me, faintly. “Remember what I’m telling you.
Remember it every day when you look in the mirror.” The bank robber. P. 41
“Even my mother told me how great you were, how loving and strong, and how I had to do good by you
and treat you right.” Milla about Jimmy, p. 61.
There’s ache in her arms and ache in her legs and heart. But on her face, is the beauty of the morning, and
for the first time, I think she recognises it. 5.30am. Ed about Sophie, p.79
How well do we really let ourselves know each other? Ed about his friendship with Marv, p. 135
“Could you tell him greed hasn’t swallowed me up yet?” Tony O’Reilly to Ed about his brother Thomas, p.
“You know, they say that there are countless saints who have nothing to do with church and almost no
knowledge of God. But they say God walks with those people without them ever knowing it…You’re one
of those people, Ed.”
Father O’Reilly, p. 167
“I was the easy one when I was younger. Now I’ve got three kids and I’m alone.” Angie Carusso, p. 185
I stare strangely into the face of clubs. Ed about being beaten up by the Rose boys, p. 193
She doesn’t want to feel that way about me and I can accept that, but I wonder if she’ll ever know that noone will love her as hard as I do. Ed about Audrey. P. 223
It’s about glowing lights and small things that are big. Ed about the Tatupus, p. 239
“I feel like you’re slipping away somehow. You’ve become different since all this started.” Audrey about
Ed, p. 249
I know full well that out of all of her offspring, I’m the only one this woman won’t invite into her house in
this situation. Ed about his mother, p. 262
“Just like your old man, you’re all promise, Ed, and no results.” Bev to Ed, p. 264
“I won’t be okay just for the sake of it. Not anymore.” Ed to F. O’Reilly, p. 293
“It’s not the person, Ma, not the place. If you left here, you’d have been the same anywhere else.” Ed to
Bev, p. 307
I feel freedom for the first time in months, and an air of contentedness wanders next to me all the way
home. Ed, finishing the cards, p. 364
“You are the epitome of ordinariness, Ed…And if a guy like you can stand up and do what you did for all
those people, well maybe everyone can.” The Messenger to Ed, 383
“I’m not the messenger at all. I’m the message.” Ed, p. 386