Seeds-Roots-Diversity of Life Resources

Partner’s Name:
Diversity of Life Resources pages 31-34
1. Before you begin, answer the following questions:
If you were going to grow a garden, what would you plant?
What would you need to start your garden?
2. Partner A read the introduction.
Are seeds alive? Why or why not?
3. Partner B, read the section titled “Dormancy”.
Partner A, draw a picture of a seed labeling the 3 parts:
Give at least 2 examples of why dormancy is a good trait for seeds to have:
4. Partner A, read the section titled “Germination”.
Partner B: List the steps in the germination process:
1. Water ________________the seed coat.
2. __________________soak up water, swell, and split the seed coat.
3. The ________________begins to grow.
Why are roots the first structure to grow?
What process takes over once the cotyledons drop off to provide the plant with food?
5. Read “Root Systems” silently.
List 2 reasons roots spread into the ground:
What carries water to the xylem?
What connection can you make between xylem and the human body? Why?
Draw a fibrous root system:
Draw a taproot system:
6. Partner B, read “Water.”
Partner A: Where would we find a plant with shallow roots?
Where would we find a plant with deep roots?
7. Read “Support” silently.
Choose one plant or tree discussed and explain why their root system is special.
8. Partner B, read “Energy Storage.”
Partner A, what other thing do roots do for plants/trees?