Precalculus – Vector Word Problems NOTES
Warm – Up Write a vector for each of the following diagrams in terms of its components.
b) A vector with magnitude of 60
and a bearing of S 19W.
800 mi
1) Without wind, an airplane travels 200 miles per hour at a bearing of 350º. If there is a 60 mph wind at a
bearing of 300º, find the actual speed and bearing of the plane.
2) A boat is traveling 20 km/h in the direction 40º east of south. The current has a direction of 70º east of
south at 5 km/h. Find the actual speed of the boat and the direction it is going.
3) A bird flies 15 mph at a bearing of S20E as a result of an 8 mph wind blowing 20 west of south. What
speed and direction would the bird fly if there was no wind?