Cell Respiration Study Guide

Photosynthesis Study Guide
 Review the online DPIP lab – know how it worked and be able to
apply that knowledge.
 Be able to follow the reactants (Carbon and Oxygen specifically) and
know what they do and where they end up
 Be able to read graphs pertaining to photosynthesis rates and what
affects it (lots of these!)
 Know what specifically happens in the light dependent reaction vs the
light independent reaction
 Know what can adversely affect photosynthesis or what ideal
conditions would be like
 Understand the differences in how plants fix the carbon molecule in
 Be able to explain how photorespiration works and what conditions
makes it happen
 Understand the difference between cyclic and noncyclic
 Be able to explain the differences between C4, C3 and CAM plants
 Be able to design and explain experiments
 Be able to explain everything to do with photosynthesis!!! 
 Math
o Rate
o Standard Deviation
o Mean