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Sophomore English
Mr. Dow
Vocabulary Lesson Five
Name: _________________________ Date: ______
dearth diffident embark infallible plod pungent virulent unfeigned altruistic assent benefactor
indomitable remiss temerity repose facile chivalrous clemency discrepancy truculent
DIRECTIONS: Match the word from above with the definition below.
____________ 1. mercy, humaneness; mildness, moderateness (noun)
synonyms: leniency, forbearance, gentleness antonyms: harshness, severity, cruelty
____________ 2. fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh (adjective)
synonyms: savage, belligerent, vitriolic antonyms: gentle, mild, unthreatening
____________ 3. marked by honor, courtesy, and courage (adjective)
synonyms: civil, valiant, courtly antonyms: uncouth, churlish, loutish
____________ 4. one who does good to others (noun)
synonyms: patron, humanitarian antonyms: misanthrope, malefactor
____________ 5. to express agreement (verb); agreement (noun)
synonyms: consent, concur antonyms: disagree, differ, dissent
____________ 6. to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly (verb)
synonyms: lumber, trudge antonyms: scamper, skip, prance
____________ 7. causing a sharp sensation; stinging or biting (adjective)
synonyms: sharp, spicy, piquant, racy antonyms: unappetizing, colorless, insipid
____________ 8. sincere, real, without pretense (adjective)
synonyms: genuine, heartfelt antonyms: insincere, simulated, phony
____________ 9. extremely poisonous; full of malice; spiteful (adjective)
synonyms: noxious, baleful, spiteful antonyms: harmless, benign
____________ 10. to go aboard; to make a start; to invest (verb)
synonyms: commence, begin, board
____________ 11. unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others (adjective)
synonyms: selfless antonyms: selfish, self-centered
____________ 12. rashness, boldness (noun)
synonyms: recklessness, foolhardiness, effrontery antonyms: timidity, fearfulness
____________ 13. a lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine (noun)
synonyms: insufficiency, want, paucity antonyms: surplus, oversupply, glut, abundance
____________ 14. shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved (adjective)
synonyms: timid, bashful, unassertive, withdrawn antonyms:bold, brash, audacious, jaunty
____________ 15. easily done or attained; superficial; ready, fluent; easily shown but not sincerely felt
synonyms: effortless, assured, poised, specious antonyms: labored, awkward, halting
____________ 16. free from error; absolutely dependable (adjective)
synonyms: unerring, certain antonyms: imperfect
____________ 17. neglectful in the performance of one’s duty; careless (adjective)
synonyms: negligent, lax, slack antonyms: scrupulous, dutiful, punctilious
____________ 18. to rest; lie; place (verb); relaxation, peace of mind, calmness (noun)
synonyms: sleep (verb) tranquility, respite (noun) antonyms: exertion, wakefulness, tumult
____________ 19. a difference; a lack of agreement (noun)
synonyms: disagreement, divergence, inconsistency antonyms: agreement, convergence
____________ 20. unconquerable, refusing to yield (adjective)
synonyms:unbeatable, invincible, unyielding antonyms: surrendering, submissive, yielding
DIRECTIONS: Complete the following sentences with the appropriate vocabulary word.
1. _____________________________ in his duties – he left his post without permission for a cigarette break,
the sailor was put in the brig for two weeks.
2. The accountant earned a reputation for being _________________________ because she never made
3. After a long day at work the harvesters ______________________ home to dinner and a good night’s rest.
4. Romeo and Juliet knew they would never gain their feuding families' _____________________ to marry.
5. EEE is one of the most _________________________ threats for residents of the lake shore community who
are annually pestered by mosquitoes.
6. The tears on her face were _______________________ evidence that the break-up really devastated her.
7. The judge showed ______________________________ to the accused man by giving him a suspended
8. The young gentleman was __________________________ by giving up his seat on the bus for the elderly
9. The ________________________ garbage put into the compost in our backyard put a frown on our
neighbors’ faces when the wind was blowing through our yard to theirs.
10. Without the help of many ___________________________, most charities would be unable to carry out
their work.
11. Columbus ___________________________ upon his famous journey to the Americas after he received
money from the king and queen of Spain to buy ships.
12. His support of a program to help the less fortunate in this world is ________________________.
13. A _______________________ of qualified candidates caused the company to readvertise the position.
14. Jacquelyn Smith was voted the most ________________________ student of the graduating class of 2014.
Most students didn’t even know her name.
15. The ________________________________ between my weekly salary and the cost of living put me into
16. Superman is all but ______________________________ considering his susceptibility to kryptonite.
17. The ______________________________ kidnappers bound and gagged their victims.
18. The chain gang ___________________ alongside the trench they had been digging, enjoying the short
break that the guards gave them.
19. ____________________ is a punishable behavior in the marines where strict compliance with the rules and
respect for superior officers are required.
20. Typing is ____________________ for someone who knows the finger placement on the keyboard.