Paper Bag Speech


Creating Your Paper Bag

Decorate each side of the bag, however you wish, with the following topics:

Side 1: what are your likes, dislikes, and hobbies (ALL 3!)

Side 2: pick 3 words that describe qualities about you

Side 3: what is your career focus / choice

Side 4: Someone you admire

Side 5: A dream / hope or goal you have

Be certain to make it neat and readable. The more creative or artistic, the better. Take time to create your bag, thinking about how you would like it to represent who YOU are. Put your name somewhere on the bottom of the bag.

Along with creating your paper bag, you will also have to write a

“speech.” Follow the outline of the speech directions carefully.

They can be found on the other side of this paper. Make sure that you know the difference between a belief and a value. (Don’t ask

Mrs. Kelly … research the difference.)

When you have these two parts complete (bag and speech), put your speech and the 3 items inside your paper bag and bring it to school on the due date. You will be picked in random order over the next 10 days to present your bag and speech to the class. You might want to keep a second copy of the speech at home so that you can practice it.

Paper Bag Speech


: Choose three symbols that can fit into the paper bag and show how each symbol represents a different value in your life. Example: family, career, friendship, religion, education, etc.

Outline of Speech:

I. Introduce yourself:

1. Your name

2. Your background info: a few statements about yourself, your heritage, your past and present life.

II. Body of Information:

“In this bag are symbols I have chosen to represent three values I have in life.”

(A symbol for each value is in the paper bag. You must describe and interpret each symbol, using points a, b and c below.)


Description and interpretation of 1 st symbol a) Pull out the symbol and tell what it is. b) Explain how it represents a value you have in life. c) Explain why that value is so important in your life.


Same as above for 2 nd symbol.


Same as above for 3 rd symbol.

III. Closing statement:

“Knowing what my values are and living according to them are important to share with others because …”