Biology: Macromolecule Review Worksheet

Biology 1
Macromolecule Review
Name: _________________________________
Date: _____________
Vocabulary to Know
 Monomer
 Polymer
 Carbohydrate
 Monosaccharide
 Polysaccharide
 Lipid
 Nucleic acid
Period: ________
Ribonucleic acid
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Amino acid
Covalent bond
Answer the following review questions on notebook paper
1. Some people say life is fundamentally all structured the same, while others say there is great diversity
even in very small molecules. What do you think and why?
2. What properties of carbon explain carbon’s ability to form many different macromolecules?
3. Explain why proteins are considered polymers and lipids are not.
4. Compare the structures and functions of the biomolecule lipids and starches.
5. Name the two basic kinds of nucleic acid. What sugar does each contain?
6. Label the images below as a carbohydrate, lipid, protein, or nucleic acid.