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Course & Branch :B.Tech - BIN
Title of the Paper :Introduction to Database systems Max. Marks :80
Sub. Code :622305
Time : 3 Hours
Date :10/05/2011
Session :AN
(10 x 2 = 20)
Answer ALL the Questions
1. Write the disadvantages of file processing systems.
2. What is called specialization?
3. Give an example for many to many and one to many relationship.
4. Define strong entity set.
5. What are the key terms related to network data model?
6. List the advantages of DBTG CODASYL model.
7. Define Third normal form.
8. List the different data storage methods.
9. What is called DDL?
10. What is called check constraint?
(5 x 12 = 60)
Answer ALL the Questions
11. (a) What is the need for evaluation of a DBMS? List the technical
criteria that are to be considered during the evaluation process.(7)
(b) What are the main features of the Object Oriented data model?
12. (a) List four significant differences between a file processing system
and a DBMS.
(b) What is a database model? Explain any two types of data models
with an example for each.
13. (a) Construct an E-R diagram for a hospital with a set of patients and
a set of medical doctors. Associate with each patient a log of the
various tests and examinations conducted.
(b) Explain the distinctions among the terms primary key and
candidate Key.
14. (a) Explain the distinction between disjoint and overlapping
(b) Explain the distinction between total and partial constraints.
15. (a) Illustrate the differences between hierarchical and network data
models. Explain why relational data model is a better choice over the
(b) Give an example of tree structure diagram for many-to many
16. (a) Give an example of Network Representation of Ternary
(b) Explain about DBTG Data-Retrieval method.
17. (a) Compare BCNF with 3NF with suitable example.
(b) Why are certain functional dependencies called trivial functional
18. (a) Explain how functional dependencies can be used to indicate the
following. A one-to one relationship set exists between entity sets
account and customer.
(b) Explain why 4NF is a normal form more desirable than BCNF.
19. Define a data manipulation language. Write syntax for the following
and give an example for each:
(a) Select statement
(b) Update statement
(c) Delete statement
(d) Insert statement
20. Consider the schema given below: Branch-scheme(Branch-name,
asset, Branch-city) Customer-scheme(Customer name, street,