Wilmington, North Carolina
Title: Accounting Assistant
Date: November 2015
Supercedes: April 2012
Authorized by: ___________________________, Finance Director
Position Summary: To provide financial, clerical and administrative services to
ensure efficient, timely and accurate payment and recording of accounts receivables.
Responsible for tracking and compiling data for other specialized reports. Performs
specialized accounting functions to include processing accounts receivable and
maintaining associated finance department files.
Reporting Relationships:
 Reports to: Comptroller and Finance Director
 Supervises: No direct reporting relationship. May occasionally show another
employee how to do an accounting task.
Essential Functions:
 Enter all daily incoming receipts to accounting software based on receipt logs
provided by Executive Assistant.
Prepare Daily Summary and forward to
Comptroller and Finance Director for verification.
 Production and distributions of recurring and/or miscellaneous billings monthly or as
 Assists the Finance Director with compiling data for contracts, leases, special
projects, and other related accounting duties as requested in a timely and efficient
 Maintain A/P Vendor records in TFBO Accounting software.
 Maintains Petty Cash and Credit Cards.
 Practices good communication skills through effective listening, negotiation, and
openly exchanging information in a timely manner.
 Understands all airport customers, knows who they are, and anticipates and meets
their expectations through quality customer service in accordance with the mission,
values, and vision of the airport.
 Maintains skills and abilities on a continuous basis as required by this position.
 Carries out responsibilities as an efficient and effective team player.
 Performs other related duties as assigned in a compliant and motivated manner.
Other Important Functions:
 Primary Contacts: Comptroller, Finance Director, department heads, employees,
tenants, vendors, aviation representatives, Airport Authority, and the public.
 Physical Demands: Position requires much sitting, standing, bending, stooping,
reaching and some lifting. Job demands and timeliness may be stressful at times.
 Working Demands: Normal office environment. Working hours routinely 40 hours
per week. Some responsibilities may require longer work hours in order to
complete assignments.
Wilmington, North Carolina
 Education/Knowledge:
Bachelor’s Degree preferred and knowledge of
bookkeeping and computers required.
 Experience: Minimum of three (3) years in accounting office or similar environment.
Working knowledge in established accounting principles and practices required.
Advanced training in finance, accounting and computers preferred.
 Skills/Aptitudes: Ability to compile data, to read and compare figures accurately
and to maintain precise records. Ability to operate common office machines and
contemporary computer accounting and finance programs. Must be flexible,
exceptionally organized, highly motivated, and have excellent interpersonal skills to
respond to employee and public inquiries.
I have read, understand, and agree to comply with all requirements of this position. I
also acknowledge receiving a copy of this job description.
Applicant/Employee Signature