Frankenstein Final Test Prep Guide: Honors English IV

Frankenstein Final Test Prep Guide: Honors English IV- Duryea
Test will consist of the following sections:
 Name that Character
 True or False
 Grammar
 ID’s- you will have to complete 10 IDs this time: 4 of them are listed at the bottom of this handout.
Name that Character:
 Walton Victor Alfonso Frankenstein Elizabeth Caroline Beaufort Henry Clerval M. Waldman Justine William Frankenstein Old Man DeLacey Agatha Felix SafieTrue of False:
 Mary Shelley Packet Information: Author’s life, time period, gothic novel elements, etc.
 Frankenstein Introduction by Mary Shelley.
 Plot from the novel.
Grammar: Subject to Change
 Commas with compound sentences
 Commas with coordinate adjectives vs. cumulative adjectives
 Commas with elements in a series
3 narrators of Frankenstein
Gothic Novel elements and examples from the text
Mary Shelley
The Creature’s Books- What are the books, and how do they influence the creature and his view of the
world/human beings?
5 remaining ID’s will be on the test as well. The above 5 ID’s should be easy and should take little of
your time on the test day, because you know them in advance. These I will grade more harshly,
according to the amount of detail and thoroughness you use in your responses. You may not have your
answers prepared in advance, but you may certainly have a “game” plan for how you want to address the
above ID’s. Good Luck!
Remember, first identify the quotation or phrase, then explain the specifics to its relationship to the novel
in particular scenes and as a whole, and finally identify any themes and/or literary techniques that are