Fahrenheit 451- Vocab #2
1. abyss- n. a bottomless gulf, pit
We dropped the penny into the abyss and made a
2. ravenous – adj. very eager or greedy for food,
satisfaction or gratification
Teenagers tend to seem ravenous when they eat.
3. jargon- n. confused unintelligible language
We sat listening to the President’s jargon, with no clue
what he was trying to say.
4. luminescent- adj. emitting or reflecting steady,
suffused or glowing light
The beautiful girl seemed to have a luminescent glow
about her.
5. yammer- v. to utter repeated cries of distress or
The blond girls yammered on because they didn’t
understand the teacher’s joke.
6. centrifuge- n. a machine using centrifugal force for
separating substances of different densities, for
removing moisture or for simulating gravitational
A centrifuge machine is used in the study of viruses,
such as H.I.V.
7. nomadic- adj. roaming about from place to place
aimlessly, frequently, or without pattern of movement
Many of the teachers on campus have so many
different classrooms that they almost seem nomadic.
8. dictum- n. a noteworthy statement, such as a
formal pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or
We all read Thomas Jefferson’s dictum on liberty.
9. serenity- n. utter calm and unruffled repose or
The Buddha sat beneath the tree in a state of
complete serenity.
10. pagan- adj. a follower of a polytheistic religion
(with many gods, such as the ancient Romans) or one
who has little or no religion, especially Christianity.
Halloween is considered an evil, pagan holiday by
some Christian groups.