Updates for Teams

Hello all FTC & FLL Teams,
Just a few things to touch base upon before the events start this weekend.
Remember that for FTC you can always find the rules and updates at:
As for all of the FLL teams you can always find the rules and updates at:
I will start by talking about the FIRST Tech Challenge:
If a ring is not scored on a post (meaning it is not scored for 3 or 5 points) then you can
move the ring out of the scoring area to de-score it.
The purpose of calculating scores at the end of Autonomous mode is only to determine
who gets the bonus points for Autonomous mode. The actual score is not determined
until everything comes to rest at the end of the match.
Pinning is defined as keeping another robot from moving because of an action taken by
your robot. You can pin a robot with the paired goals (this will be shown in more detail
at the drivers meeting before matches start). If a robot (or robots) is holding in place the
paired goal and thus preventing an opposing robot from moving, this would be
considered pinning.
As far as scoring of the paired goals go, each goal is scored separately, so it is possible to
only capture 3 of the 4 goals.
If your robot is touching any ring(s) at the end of the match, the rings(s) will not be
counted toward your score.
Tipping of the goals is not allowed. If you tip a goal and it is deemed to be done so on
purpose you will be given a warning, and then for each offense after that a penalty will be
assessed, which could be as strict as disqualification.
Now onto the FIRST Lego League:
The Hydro-Dam must be touching both banks of the river at the end of the time in order
to be counted as scored.
The Wind Turbines can be put entirely inside of a house, however they still need to be
The rail car must travel the entire distance of the rail in order for you to be able to move it
to base. (if it stops before hitting the last bumper you can not move it)
When moving the Uranium and Corn, they do not need to be standing in order to get the
The trees used for power plant fuel do not have to be in the upright position to score, but
they do need to be entirely in the scoring area.
As soon as the robot enters base (any part of the robot) you can pick it up.
When pushing the vehicles, the do not need to remain right side up. As long as they are
delivered and still in scoring position at the end of the time they will be counted.
Upright trees can score on the roads north of the main river.
That is all of the updates that have stuck out so far, however I may have missed some
while I briefly scanned over these to make sure you all were aware of these changes in
the rules. If you have any questions or concerns about rules please let me know and I
will do my best to try to clarify them for you.
Good luck to all FIRST Tech and FIRST Lego League Participants.
Timothy Delles
Head Referee – FTC & FLL
FRC Team 229 Team Leader
Clarkson University ‘09