Ripley's Math Mania

Ripley’s Math Mania
Middle School math activities
1. If the Kayan brass earrings stretched a woman’s ear lobes a total of 16 inches in
seven years and 6 months, how much did their ears stretch per year?
2. If all of the Ripley’s books ever published were stacked one on top of the other,
they would be 100 times as tall as the Empire State Building. Do some research!
How tall would that be? If each book was .75 inches thick, how many books
would that equal?
3. Mr. Kuda Bux, an Indian firewalker, walked barefoot – twice, over coals that
reached 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. What would that temperature be in degrees
Celsius? (Hint: To change degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, you take the degrees C
and multiply by nine. Then, multiply that number by 5 and add 32)