Chap 20-22

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
9 Honors
Responding to the Text Chapters 20-22
1) In Chapter20, Pip arrives in London! Describe the new setting (Mr. Jaggers Office,
London, Newgate Prison).
2) How does Dickens use vocabulary to create a mood or feeling about the settings
described above? Cite specific examples from the text to explain and support your
3) In Chapter 21, we meet Mr. Wemmick. Select a quote that describes him. Be sure to
note the page number.
4) Who is Handel? __________; Why is the “pale young gentlemen” mentioned?
5) How does Herbert Pocket assist Pip in his education?
6) Describe the Pocket household. What is Dickens trying to show the reader through
these characters?
7) What startling revelations does Pip learn about Miss Havisham and Estella?