University of Washington - Eastern Washington University

Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Prerequisite Coursework
Lower Division Anatomy –
may be satisfied by BIOL STR 301 or a lower division Anatomy class
Lower Division Physiology –
may be satisfied by BIOL 118 (Survey of Physiology) with BIOL 119 (Lab)
ONE Upper Division Biology – any vertebrate Biology or Zoology course, OR Genetics
For Example:
Microbiology (Micro 301) plus Micro Lab (302) OR
GENOME 371 Introductory Genetics (5) OR
BIOL 408 Mechanisms of Animal Behavior (4)
Upper Division Physiology –
BIOL 350 – Foundations of Physiology OR
BIOL 460 Mammalian Physiology (3) OR
an upper division Physiology of Exercise course
BIOL 462 & 463 – Advanced Animal Physiology and Lab
Chemistry - One year, choose from below.
Chemistry 142, 152, 162 – General Chemistry with lab
Chemistry 120 – Principles of Chemistry
Chemistry 220 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 221 – Principles of Chemistry III
Chemistry 223 – Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 224 – Organic Chemistry
Physics, One year, choose from below
Physics 114/117, 115/118, 116/119 – General Physics with accompanying labs
Physics 121 – Mechanics
Physics 133 – General Physics III
Behavioral Science
Any two courses in behavioral science including psychology, sociology and anthropology
Statistics Any one course in statistics is acceptable examples below:
QSCI 381 – Introductory Probability and Statistics
QMETH 201 – Introduction to Statistical Methods
Psych 315 - Understanding Statistics in Psychology
Please note that some courses may have prerequisites or co-requisites. Check the UW Catalog
for this information.
If you have questions regarding whether other courses will fulfill the EWU prerequisites for the
DPT program, please contact [email protected] UW class offering change frequently
and this list may not coincide with currently offered courses.