What Is Earth Science

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What Is Earth Science?
Earth Science can be divided into four general areas of study: geology, meteorology, astronomy, and
oceanography. Read each description given and identify the main area of Earth Science involved. Then, thinking
outside the box, decide if there are any ways that the other branches could study that description. Use letters to
indicate the science branches you feel could study that topic.
G – geology
M – meteorology
A – astronomy
O – oceanography
__________ 1. The study of volcanoes and earthquakes
__________ 2. The area of Earth Science that uses telescopes
__________ 3. The study of storm patterns
__________ 4. The study of the movement of the sun and stars
__________ 5. Research on the physical and chemical properties of seawater
__________ 6. The identification of rocks and minerals
__________ 7. The investigation of human impact on the oceans
__________ 8. The search for evidence of the beginning of the universe based on the study of space objects
__________ 9. The prediction of daily weather
__________ 10. The search for oil
__________ 11. The study of forces that cause weather
__________ 12. The study of stars, planets, and comets
__________ 13. Formerly just the study of the positions of the stars and planets
__________ 14. The investigation of the processes that occur in the seas
__________ 15. The study of how mountains were formed
__________ 16. The examination of fossils
__________ 17. The study of glaciers
__________ 18. The study of climates
__________ 19. The Earth Science that studies the composition of seawater
__________ 20. The investigation of features of the moon.