EM417 Lab # 1: Installation and Usage of LVDT 9/14/2000

Lab # 1: Installation and Usage of LVDT
Lab scope:
Practicing how to connect and use LVDT for displacement measurements.
Lab requirements:
- Balancing LVDT circuit
- LVDT Calibration
- Displacement measurements
Lab procedure:
1. Balancing LVDT output.
Remove LVDT secondary coil (# 7 black and # 9 red). Use a jumper instead on the
terminal block. Apply AC power to the unit and allow 3-5 minutes for worm up.
Adjust the zero control until an output of 0V DC is obtained. De-energize unit and
remove temporary jumper. Reconnect the secondary coil.
Install LVDT to the calibration fixture. Apply power to unit and move LVDT core
until an output of zero voltage is obtained. This position is the true null or zero point
of the sensor and the reference point from which subsequent measurements are made.
Move LVDT core to its full scale displacement and adjust the span control to obtain a
reading of 10V DC. Unit is now ready for normal operation.
2. LVDT Calibration
Using the calibration fixture, perform a calibration over the full scale of the LVDT
(both the positive and negative range). Find the Sensor sensitivity in mV/0.001”
3. Displacement measurements:
Using the provided Jig and the layered shims, perform 10 different measurements and
compare your reading with those of the dial gauge.
Power unit layout