Lab 12 - Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Productivity

AP Biology - Lab 12 - Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Productivity
Flow Chart - Show process - see online lab for assistance
Background- Discuss in words the Objectives- Before doing this lab you should
understand: Remember to cite the resources with pages
 the biological importance of carbon and oxygen cycling in ecosystems
 how primary productivity relates to the metabolism of organism in an
 the physical and biological factors that affect the solubility of gases in
aquatic ecosystems
 the relationship between dissolved oxygen and the processes of
photosynthesis and respiration and how these processes affect primary
Procedure - Include everything you do. Make sure you include the Winkler
Method for determining DO
Data- Table 12.1 Temperature/ DO Data - page 138
Graph 12.1 - page 138
Table 12.2 - Respiration Table page 141
Table 12.3 - Individual Data - Productivity of Screen-Wrapped Samples
page 141
Table 12.4 - Class Data - Mean Productivity page 142
Graph 12.2 - page 142
Analysis of Data - Questions 1-9 pages 143-144( you will have to do some
research on this)
Problems- See S-8 and S-9 in the supplemental packet. Please answer these
questions and make at least one reference to each questions to assist you in
your analysis
Conclusion or closing remarksMake sure you discuss what you did and didn't accomplish and why.
Include the After doing this lab you should be able to:
 measure primary productivity based on changes in dissolved oxygen in a
controlled experiment
 investigate the effects of changing light intensity on primary productivity in
a controlled experiment