Bernoulli's Flight Lab


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Bernoulli’s Flight Lab

Bernoulli’s Principle states that fast moving fluids exert low pressure. It is this principle that is the basis for airplane flight. An airfoil, or wing, is designed to curve a stream of air up and over a longer path causing the air to move faster thus exerting a higher pressure and a push upwards from below. 1. Get an airplane template. Fold back following the instructions on the template. 2. Take your plane and a meter stick to the hall and launch your plane. How far can you get it to fly? Did your plane get any lift (did it go up without you throwing it up)? Try a dozen flights and write your results below. If your plane is not flying well, try shaping your airfoil to improve lift and/ or put a paper clip or tow on the nose. Flight Number 1 2 3 Distance traveled in meters Lift or not – Yes or No 9 10 11 12 4. Now challenge another group to a long distance flight. Write who wins! 5. Finally, tear flaps in the tail to make your plane turn left or right. Write down if you could make your plane turn left or tight. 6. Re-state Bernoulli’s Principle and then draw air moving over an airfoil and diagram how high pressure is created from below to achieve lift. 7. Repeat with 5 more types of paper airplanes.