ERT B Level 200 – RC Airplane Project

ERT B Level 200 – RC Airplane Project
Spring, 2014
The RC Project is for the students to demonstrate their creative ability
in flight (why and how airplanes fly, how they work, etc.)
Much of the ground rules are listed below, but not limited to, in other
words requirements, additions, etc. might be added to the project. Also,
dimensions of your RC can change (depends on the availability of
All students will do the following:
1. Research and learn basic concepts of flight.
2. Sketch and draw (SolidWorks) their design for class review.
 Your drawing should be projector quality.
 Explain your design concept to the class.
i. PowerPoint
ii. Explain the benefits of your design
3. After every student presents their individual design, etc. the
following will occur:
 After your presentations, you will vote for the 5 RC
designs that you think are best.
 The 5 “top” designs will be built.
 Students whose designs were not selected will join a
student with a chosen design (MR. R) will chose the
4. At this point a “redesign” might / can occur to make
improvements in the design. THE TEAM OF 2 WILL
5. Materials will be ordered (Mr. R.) after your final design is
approved and a Bill of Materials is presented.
6. You will construct your RC plane based on the BoM.
7. General material for your RC plane will include, but not
limited to:
 Motors & Prop
 Power System (battery)
 Speed Controller
 Servos (wings and tail)
 Balsa Strips (body)
 9mm Depron Foam for Wings +
 Landing Gear (undecided)
8. Dimensions (general) of your RC Plane
 Fuselage Length 48” (max)
 Wing Length 36” (max)
 Wing Chord 7” (max)
After the build:
1. All planes will review for details and flight ability.
a. Grade
2. Teamwork in build, PP, etc.
a. Grade
3. Serious and Safety of the project
a. Grade
4. Follow Instructions (Flight Plan, etc.0
a. Grade
5. Initial Individual Drawings and PP Presentation
a. Grade
6. Final Design Drawings, PP Presentation, Report
a. Grade
The competition of Flight will be addressed in a separate instruction
We all should thank Mark S. for his super assistance to identify this