Instructional Goals

English II
Ms. Treadwell
Instructional Goals for the Julius Caesar Unit
Oklahoma PASS Objectives: Literature, Standard 3; Writing/Grammar/Usage and Mechanics, Standard 3
Literature: Students will read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of British, American, and world literature and
conduct in-depth analysis of themes, styles, and trends of these works across historical periods. Writing: Students will demonstrate
appropriate practices in writing by applying Standard English conventions of the revising and editing stages of writing.
Student Goals
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1. Learn the characteristic recurring elements of Shakespeare’s plays,
including puns, soliloquys, a play within a play, and mistaken identity.
2. Understand the cultural importance of Shakespeare’s plays.
3. Evaluate Shakespeare’s use of literary techniques, such as
foreshadowing, imagery, allusion, juxtaposition, and metaphor.
4. Identify and use sound devices such as rhyme, rhythm, internal
rhyme, alliteration, consonance, assonance, and onomatopoeia.
5. Compare Greek drama with Shakespearean drama.
6. Compose fictional, biographical or autobiographical narratives.
7. Evaluate rhetorical strategies in persuasive speeches, including
repetition, questions, hyperbole, irony, logos, ethos, and pathos.
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