Notes on Mar 22 Test -

Mus 111 – Notes on Test 2
Date of test: March 22, 2007
Value: 20% of the final grade
Time: 50 minutes
Please note the following: all bags, notes and books must be left at the front, side or back
of the lecture hall; make sure that you have an adequate supply of pens and/or pencils;
make sure that your cell phone is TURNED OFF and is kept with your bag at the side (no
cell phones are allowed on the desks); no hats please; make sure that there is an empty
chair between you and your neighbour.
The format will be the same as Test 1. Test 2 will cover the material studied in chapters 6
through 10.
Section 1: LISTENING QUESTIONS (approximately 40 marks)
Listening List; only the materials studied in class (and, therefore, on the following list)
will be included on the test:
Claudio Monteverdi, Orfeo: Toccata; Recitative, “At the bitter news,” and Arioso, “Thou
art dead”; Aria, “Powerful spirit” (1607)
Henry Purcell, Dido and Aeneas: Aria, “When I am laid in earth” (1689)
Antonio Vivaldi, Violin concerto, Op.8, No.1 (first movement) (“The Spring”; early 1700s)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Organ Fugue in G minor (ca.1710)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Awake, a Voice is Calling (1731): First Movement; Fourth
Movement; Seventh Movement
Mozart, A Little Night Music: Third movement (1787)
Haydn, Symphony No.94: Second movement (1791)
Mouret, Rondeau from Suite de symphonies (1729)
Mozart, A Little Night Music: First movement (1787)
Mozart, Don Giovanni: Act 1, Scene 1; Act 1, Scene 7 (1787)
Section 2: FILL IN THE BLANKS (approximately 10 marks)
Section 3: SHORT ANSWERS (approximately 30 marks)
This section consists of questions about the basic characteristics of each era studied.