Flame Test Make Up Lab - Physical-Science-Ms

Flame Test Make Up Lab
Use the following website to complete the formal lab. You will complete
parts 1 and 2. http://www.800mainstreet.com/spect/emission-flameexp.html#procedure
Remember the following parts of your formal lab write up.
Purpose: What problem could be answered and how?
Materials: What would be necessary to complete this procedure in a lab
Procedure: How do you do this lab in a lab setting?
Data: Create a data table
Analysis: Answer the following questions.
What particles are found in the chemicals that may be responsible for
the production of colored light?
Why do different chemicals emit different colors of light?
Why do you think the chemicals have to be heated in the flame first
before the colored light is emitted?
Colorful light emissions are applicable to everyday life. Where else
have you observed colorful light emissions. Are these light emission
applications related? Explain.
Conclusion: Write one paragraph describing how this could be applicable in
real life. You may also discuss any errors that could occur in the lab setting.