Rules When Working in Science Laboratories

University of Greenwich
School of Education
Rules When Working in Science Laboratories.
1. Be aware that risk assessment is fundamental to any scientific activity. You must not do anything
with hazardous equipment or materials that may cause damage to the health and safety of
yourself, or any other individual.
2. It is a requirement that all students obtain a copy of “Be Safe”, published by The Association for
Science Education. Refer to this to inform your risk assessments. Seek advice from your tutor if
you are unsure.
3. Wear eye protection when asked to do so, and keep it on at all times that a hazard remains.
4. When working with a Bunsen burner or other source of naked flame, ensure that long hair etc, is
tied back or tucked in to keep it well away from the flame.
5. When working with liquids, always stand up, never sit. You need to be able to move out of the
way quickly if there is a spillage.
6. Never taste anything, or put anything in your mouth when in a laboratory. This includes pens,
fingers, drinks or sweets, which might have picked up poisonous chemicals from the bench. Do
not consume food or drinks in the laboratory.
7. If any chemicals get on your skin, wash them off immediately with soap and water. Always wash
your hands after working with chemicals or with animal or vegetable matter, or soil. If chemicals
get in your eyes, use the marked eyewash stations in the laboratory. Ask for assistance if
8. Put waste solids in the correct container. If none is available please ask. Never put waste solids
down the sink. Put any broken glass in the broken glass container situated in the laboratories,
never in the waste bins.
9. Report any accident to staff members. This includes chemicals in the mouth, eyes, or on the skin,
and any burns, cuts or breakages.
10. Keep your work area clean and tidy, with bags and coats out of the way (beware of creating trip
hazards). Wipe up small splashes with a damp cloth, and report spills to staff.
11. First aid can be requested from Security personnel on extension 9101.
I confirm that I have read and understood the above rules, and will abide by them when working in
Science laboratories.