Closing Rhymes

Closing Rhymes
See You Later, Alligator
See you later, alligator
(use hand to shade your eyes as if searching)
In a while, crocodile
(point to watch or clock)
Bye-bye, butterfly
Toodle-oo, kangaroo
(wave hankie)
Time to go, buffalo
(look at watch and shake head as if running late)
Just like that, fat cat
(snap fingers)
It’s the end, my friend.
(shrug shoulders and throw up hands in a “giving up” gesture)
Closing Rhyme
(Put up a flannelboard clock as a sign that storytime is over.)
Good-bye now, good-bye.
The clock tells us we're done.
I'll see you next storytime,
Good-bye now everyone.
Closing Rhyme
(This rhyme is patterned after “Ring Around the Rosie.” So, the children
should form a circle and march around. The third line is said slowly (like
“ashes, ashes” in the traditional rhyme). Add some hand gestures that go
along with the words, too – such as picking and smelling the buttercup. Feel
free to shorten the rhyme by omitting verses or simply repeat the last verse
2 or 3 times. Put up the large print verses so that the parents can join in.)
Swim in the blue sea
With the little fish
Wiggle, wiggle
Splishy, splashy, splish
Hop through the green grass
Just like a bunny
Hip hop, hip hop
Don’t we look funny?
Walk on the sidewalk
All around the town
Marching, marching
‘Til we all fall down
Sit in a meadow
Pick a buttercup
Sniff it, sniff it
Now we all jump up
Fly ‘round the bird’s nest
Hear the birdies peep
No more chirping
Now they’re fast asleep
Ring ‘round the beehive
Singing as we roam
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz
Now we all run home
S. Gruber