EEG and Sleep Stages

EEG and Sleep Stages
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Complete the PsychSim Module for Chapter 7 on the Myers Companion Site. Then answer the
questions below.
1. How is the brain’s electrical activity recorded? Be specific.
Stages of Sleep and REM Sleep
2. For each of the following identify the sleep stage and the characteristics of the waves
recorded during that stage.
Sleep Simulation
3. A friend tells you that she has been having terrible nightmares but can’t remember them
when she awakens. In an effort to help her, you decide to spend the night observing her as she
sleeps and awakening her when you think a dream is occurring. How are you able to detect that
she is dreaming?
4. On the basis of what you have learned from the Sleep Simulation, what would you notice
about the occurrence and length of the sleep stages?
Purpose of Sleep
5. Briefly describe two major purposes of sleep.
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