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French A2 Level Scheme of Work - Unit 3: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - impact and issues - Course Book: Élan 2 (Week 16)*
• Medical progress:
development and
change – impacts on
health care,
lifestyles, ethics and
• Scientific
advances: change
and innovation –
impacts and issues on
society, knowledge,
• Technological
change and
development –
impacts on lifestyles,
habits, work and
Topic Resources
Les technologies nouvelles Élan 2 p 59
Progrès et Peurs: Élan 2 pp 62-63 meditech
Video: Le DNA Interactif (see web site)
Extended reading: AP – 215 216
Z: L’éthique pp168-178
 L’expérimentation animale
 Le clonage / modification génétique
 Le clonage humain / glossaire
génetique pp190-191
Les OGM: Élan 2 pp 64-65
Ma vision du futur Élan 2 pp 60-61 (Digitech)
AP: Demain Déjà
 Vivre en internet p193
(ÉX: Les Technologies Nouvelles: pp47-56)
AP: L’audiovisuel / télé numérique / internet
pp79-81 (recap’ of AS material Les Medias and
L’environnment overlap)
Z: La révolution numérique & l’ère du multimedia
pp 98-101
Future / Conditional perfect p66
Building sentences with multiple clauses p67
Preceding direct object agreement with que
Inversion of subject
AP : p 192
Adverbial clauses
Reported speech
Revision of passive voice
Revision of subjunctive
(Past historic : Reading page 216)
Réalisations (older course book) p92 Donner
des explications / exprimer la probabilité et
BLP Skills
Self Managers
Focus on preparatory
skills for Oral
 Revision and self assessment of key grammar examination
 APSS: p33 ex 7-9
All ATs pp66-67
(In controlled
Independent Enquirers
conditions in class)
 Independent research on
specific aspects of the subWriting
Past papers
For h/w
Team Workers
 Research skills to plan a
Write an essay of 250presentation
300 words focusing on
ethical aspects of the
Creative Thinkers
 Speaking in different
 Debating a point
 Essay structure
 Discursive writing skills
 Finding synonyms
 Imaginative writing : p68
 AP : 216
Réalisations: (older course book)
supplementary reading – pp75-91
* approximate possition in programme
Key Resources:
Élan 2 e-Book : link (Oxford e-book username & password required)
Élan interactive grammar book : link (SBS username & password required)
Au Point Course book and Self-Study listening resources: link
AP = Au Point Course Book APSS = AuPoint Self Study
Z = Zénith ÉX = Élan 2 2001 edition
TV5 Monde : Link Grammar Check-list : Link
Languages online A2 resources Faits Divers : Link
Possible Homework Tasks
 Research statistics about technology and science in France – social changes and the
impact on leisure and work styles. Present this using data to justify your points.
 Speaking – put together a TV discussion program discussing the pros and cons of the
 Writing – Write a letter of complaint to the advertising authorities regarding the
advert for Interactive DNA. Why do you find this advert so objectionable EVEN if it is
just a prank?– 200 words
 Reading – Réalisations (older course book) pp75-79