APUSH Chapter 27 Homework (Part 2)

APUSH Chapter 27 Homework (Part 2)
Pages 800-817
1. Explain the economic pressures that FDR’s administration put on Japan. Why did
the US put these economic pressures in place?
2. Briefly describe US and Japanese diplomacy leading up to the attack on Pearl
3. Briefly describe the reasons behind the US and Soviet Union tensions once the
United States entered the war in Europe.
4. Describe the US “island-hopping” campaign in the Pacific.
5. Explain why the Battle of Midway was a turning point in the Pacific.
6. Describe the economic change in industry during WWII.
7. Describe the economic and social changes for women during WWII.
8. Explain Executive Order 9066 and the reasoning for it.
9. Explain D-Day in relation to its significance.
10. Briefly describe the Tehran and Yalta Conferences.
11. Describe the reasoning behind using the atomic bombs on Japan and the effects of
dropping those bombs.