Creating the Constitution

Creating the Constitution
1. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention faced a difficult challenge. They wanted to ensure a strong,
cohesive__________________ government, yet they also wanted to ensure that no individual or small group in
the government would become too ___________________.
2. Under the Articles of Confederation, the government had lacked _____________________, and the delegates
didn’t want to have that problem again.
3. To solve these problems, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention created a government with three
separate __________________, each with its own distinct powers. This system would establish a strong central
government, while insuring a ________________ ____ _____________________.
4. Governmental power and functions in the United States rest in three branches of government: the
__________________, ______________________, and ____________________.
5. Though in this system of a separation of powers each branch operates independently of the others. However,
there are built in _________________ _____ _________________to prevent tyrannous concentration of
power in any one branch and to protect the _________________ _________ _______________of citizens.
6. The President can ____________bills approved by Congress. (This limits the power of the Legislative
branch) The President nominates individuals to serve in the Federal judiciary (This limits the power of the
Judicial Branch); the Supreme Court can declare a law enacted by Congress or an action by the President
____________________. (This limits both the legislative and executive branches); and Congress can
__________________ the President and Federal court justices and judges. (This limits both the executive and
judicial branches.)
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7. The executive branch of the Government is responsible for ___________________ the laws of the land.
When George Washington was president, people recognized that one person could not carry out the duties of
the President without advice and assistance. The _______________ __________________, department heads
(Cabinet members), and heads of independent agencies assist in this capacity
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8. The judicial branch of government is established in Article III of the ________________ with the creation of
the _____________ ____________.
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9. The Supreme Court, part of the judicial branch, was established in the Constitution as the ____________
____________ in the nation. The Supreme Court’s most important responsibility is to decide cases that raise
questions of _____________________ _____________________. The Court decides if a law or government
action violates the Constitution. This is known as____________ _____________. It enables the Court to
overrule both federal and state laws when they conflict with its _________________ of the Constitution
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10. Article I of the Constitution establishes the legislative or ____________ making branch of government with
the formation of a _______________ Congress.
Bicameral means:
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11. The United States Congress is part of the legislative branch and is made up of two houses – the
________________ _______ _________________ and the _________________. The primary duty of
Congress is to _______________. ________________, and ___________ ___________, which are then passed
on to the president for approval. Other congressional duties include investigating pressing national issues and
supervising the executive and judicial branches.