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5th grade Web Quest for Washington, DC
The SEAHAWK tour company needs your help. Washington, D.C. has run out of tour
information pamphlets for its famous landmarks and they need more. Your will become
an expert on a Washington, D.C. landmark by researching a landmark and writing
pamphlet to present back to The SEAHAWK company for approval
The Task/Objective
Your task is to research an important landmark in our Nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.
You will then design a pamphlet describing the important and interesting parts of your
landmark. You will present your finished product to your peers and teachers.
Research the history of and facts about the building itself.
For example...
when it was built/rebuilt/renovated (started and finished)
who designed it
how much it cost to build
sizes (length, width, height, etc.)
where it is located in relationship to Washington, D.C.
what distinguishing characteristics does it have (statues, columns, stairs,
etc.)come up with some of your own ideas
Research interesting and unusual facts about the building.
Think about facts that are...
come up with some of your own ideas
Research the history of the person being honored if you are researching a memorial or
monument. Here are some ideas:
who it honors
what was special about this person
why was a building built in honor of this person
find out a little about their life
when did this person live
come up with some of your own interesting ideas
Research the reason the building was built and what it is used for if you are researching a
government building.
Things to think about...
What happens there?
Do people live there? Who?
Do people work there? Who?
Does anything else happen there?
What branch of the government do people in this building work for?
Washington, D.C. Resources
Washington Monument
George Washington Monument Homepage
Lincoln Memorial
Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
FDR Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Wall information
Korean War Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington House
The Pentagon
The White House
The Capitol Building
The Architect of the Capitol
The Smithsonian Institute
The Supreme Court
The Library of Congress
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
The National World War II Memorial