Chemistry 100: Group Exercise for Matter & Energy

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Chemistry 100: Group Exercise for Matter & Energy
Note: Many words have special meaning for chemistry but are used in other
circumstances with other definitions. Be sure to use the definition for Chemistry 100!
Names of All Group Members: (First and Last!)
1. What is meant by the word state. Define the 3 most common states of matter.
2. Define the following terms:
Chemical Property
Physical Property
Chemical Change
Physical Change
3. Using your definitions from #2, describe the difference between a property & change
as well as chemical & physical. Try to boil the differences and definitions down to short
catch phrases.
Version B
Group Copy
4. In as few words as possible, define Homogeneous and Heterogeneous.
5. What is an Element, Compound, Mixture, Pure Substance? You might want to use
the words Homogeneous and Heterogeneous.
6. Figure out what the following mean/are:
The Law of Constant Composition
The Law of Definite Composition
Conservation of Matter
Conservation of Energy (for Chem 100!)
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