Study Guide

Study Guide
5 Major Religions of the World
Use your notes to study all the information on the following:
Hanukah, Muhammad, Qur’an, Dharma, Polytheistic,
New Testament, Abraham, Israel, Judaism, Ten
Commandments, Allah, Yahweh, Mecca, Bible,
Brahmanism, Torah, Nirvana, Sutras, Meditation,
Symbols of all religions, Religious faith inspired, How
many followers of all religions and world rank, Religion
figures out what, Explorers of spirit, Hinduism and
Buddhism originated, religions ties people to, sacred
scriptures of Hindus, Religions began, Ultimate goal of
Christians, Eight Fold Path,
These are other things you must list:
Five Pillars of Islam
1st five books of the Bible in order
Four Noble Truths
You must be able to write a paragraph or short answer on the
following ideas in this section:
The Spread of Islam
Muslim way of life begin
Karma and a saying
Tradition of First Communion
Hinduism vs. to another religion
Judaism vs. Christianity
**All of the information you need is in your notes. If you
have any questions see me.**
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