OMAM Ch. 1 Review

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OMAM Vocabulary Work Chapter 1
Vocabulary Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Review – Answer all questions in
complete sentences on loose-leaf paper. Be sure to use the vocabulary
word in your sentence.
1. What two streets make the juncture on the block where you live?
2. Name a place where one would find debris.
3. When would you be in a recumbent position?
4. Would you act morosely at a party? Why/why not?
5. Give a response that your parent would say brusquely.
6. What is something that you often contemplate?
7. In what situation would you feel anguished? Why?
8. Describe something that would have elaborate details?
9. Who is one person that you like to mimic? Why?
10. If you were a rancher, what amount of money would you ask for your stake?
Write a synonym for each of the vocabulary words in Chapter 1. Write the word
and its synonym.
Write the vocabulary word and its part of speech.