Ch.9 Study Guide - Stamford High School

AP World History
Mr. M. Moynihan
Directions – Read chapter #9. Be prepared to identify and discuss the following people, terms and
events from the chapter. In addition are study questions that need to be outlined in bullet format. DO
NOT copy information from the text word for word; rather, read and process the information
before responding to these prompts in your own words.
Hot Seat – 11/27/13 (p.1) 12/02/13 (p.6)
Chapter 9 KEY TERMS:
1. Hinduism
2. castes
3. brahmin (BRAH-min)
4. kshatriya (kshuh-TREE-yuh)
5. vaishya (VIESH-yuh)
6. shudra (SHOOD-ruh)
7. Brahmanas (brah-MAWN-ahs)
8. Upanishads (oo-PAWN-ish-awds)
9. atman (AHT-muhn)
10. dharma (DAR-muh)
11. karma (KAR-muh)
12. the Buddha
13. Siddhartha Gautama (sid-DAR-thuh goTAHM-uh)
14. mudra
15. the Four Noble Truths
16. nirvana (near-VAHN-uh)
17. sangha (SAHN-guh)
18. stupa (STOO-puh)
19. Theravada (there-uh-VAH-duh)
20. Mahayana (mah-huh-YAH-nuh)
21. bodhisattva (boe-dih-SUT-vuh)
22. Jainism (JINE-iz-uhm)
23. Mahavira (ma-hah-VEER-uh)
24. Shinto (SHIN-toe)
25. kami (KAM-ee)
26. Shotoku Taishi (show-TOE-koo tie-EESH-ee)
27. mantra
28. mandala
29. syllabary
1. What are the strengths of separating out religious material from political and social events for
study? What are the weaknesses?
2. Why is Buddhism a universal religion?
3. How important is the role of a religious founder in giving shape to a religion? Compare the
case of Hinduism to the problems that arose in Buddhism, as followers tried to interpret the
Buddha’s message.
4. Throughout history there has been a close interaction between religion and politics. Why would
rulers sponsor a missionary religion like Buddhism?
5. Why would Hindu rulers support brahmins?
6. Compare the cases of Hinduism and Buddhism to at least one culture from an earlier chapter.